May 15, 2013

Edward Firegem and Autumn Dreamwalker explore a Pirate Ship!

Hello, Ahoy Wizards!

That's a first, this has to be one of my favorite posts including both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Before I get started, I wanted to tell you all I have a new questing partner! Autumn and I have joined up to level through Azteca. I've noticed its not too fun leveling through Azteca on a fire wizard, and those Monquistans... wow. They do not like Autumn and I. So many of them summoned efreet on us and made sure we couldn't hit our powerful hits. After defeating all of the monkeys, we had another quest to defeat a powerful monkey. It was pretty cool. Here's the photos :)

La Macha, what memories! Well not so much for Edward Cringle.. Lol, yeah.. here's more pictures of the fight!

That has to hurt, Casting Phoenix on Ponce De Gibbon
Now that's rude, I only summoned Phoenix... LOL
Autumn casting Hydra and defeating Ponce! Good Game!

This had to be my favorite and least favorite questing post! I don't like fighting fire and myth enemies but I had a lot of fun questing with Autumn. You'll hear and see more of her in future posts with Edward Firegem. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this short post! Make sure to keep reading through my Wizard101 posts, I'll most likely have more the next few days. See you around the Spiral!

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