May 9, 2013

Finish everything up!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm pretty sure you've heard that the test realm is live and it's being tested for the two new worlds/ books. Books 13 & 14 will be released after everything in the test realm has been tested and when Kingsisle is ready to release. Before this happens, if you're in Mooshu you need to make sure you finish the story line. If you want to enter Marleybone right when the test is released over to the live realm its best to do that. 

Random Picture, heal. Ye can keep reading below!
Anyways, I was listening to Talkin' the Plank before the test realm was released and Luke gave advice to all players that were in Mooshu to finish up all quests and not save any experience just finish the quests. Well I was saving quite a few side quests, main quests included. I decided to take his advice and finish up the main quests and I'm actually planning on finishing up the side quests before the test realm goes live. Thank you Luke for giving everyone that advice its very good advice to take if you're excited about the new world(s) and really want to be in it with all of your friends that finished up with Mooshu. Kingsisle added a new way to access your main quest easier by putting it on the first pages of quests, I believe even though they added it its always good to finish those side quests no matter what world it's in. You never know, you may receive a new pet, companion, or gear! I hope you take his advice and finish everything up! See ye around the Spiral!

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