May 17, 2013

Closer to Valencia! (1/3)

Ahoy Pirates!

I haven't blogged about Edward Cringle's main quest in awhile so I'll catch ye up! After defeating Fin, I had found the piece of map he stole from us. I went back to Avery and he gave me a quest to sail back to Puerto Mico to talk to three monkeys so I can access Valencia to find other pieces of the map. I'm starting back up now since they gave me a new quest. Edward  has been side questing through Skull Island and Monquista but he's now starting to quest through the end of both worlds and he's getting close to accessing Valencia! On a few posts back you heard I had a quest to sink wharf rat ships in Tradewinds Skyway, well I finally started back on my main quest line and I had to sink 10 wharf rat ships. I had to fight the enemies on their ship since mine wasn't strong enough. Here's a few photos of the battle with the wharf rats.

One battle fighting ship to ship combat!
That does not look good! Shabby you okay? Lol
After finally defeating all ten of the wharf rat ships, 8/10 times I had to board, I finally completed the quest. I am hoping I don't have to defeat those ships again because fighting 10 ships that's stronger than your ship, that's some work! After its all done though, you feel good because you have more gold than you had before.

I also leveled to 16! 

This is a longer post than expected so I'll have to split the post up in three. I'll post more tomorrow with the Dog Pirates and again Sunday. I hope ye enjoyed this post, keep reading for more posts, and if you would like to read my other posts, click on the link below for all of my Edward Cringle posts. See ye around the Spiral!

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