May 18, 2013

I hate Snakes!

Hello Wizards!

I made this blog post to only get it out to the Wizard101 community that I hate snakes! Kidding, well sort of... I've been questing with Autumn Dreamwalker through Azteca and I've had a great time, I'm behind on blog posts so I'll be making quite a few the next few days. Wow.. I'm still wondering why I'm blogging about snakes. I hope I don't have a nightmare tonight. I really hope to make a spider post soon, for Autumn! I guess we'll have to wait. Until then, here's picture of us questing through parts of Azteca.

I would never cross a bridge of snakes in real life but I did on here...
Uh okay... 
See ya never snake :) 

Lol I have no idea why I made this post, it's very random! I promise though, not all of my wizard blog posts will be like this, I have a very nice post tomorrow and I hope you read it. I'm glad I'm questing with Autumn through Azteca, I really don't think its even possible to solo, if you soloed you had to have help somehow from minions or very nice crown items. I don't think its going to get any easier throughout the end of Azteca. I hope the next world will be a little easier. I love the story line and I love that the world is beautiful. Well, see ya around the Spiral lol.

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