May 4, 2013

Idea Post: Level 100 Gear!

Hello Wizards!

Don't worry this post won't be rant, more like an idea. Every world you level through, you see the difficulty level also rising. For the past few years I was thinking that the new spells Wizard101 was adding for each new world update was too weak for the next world. I found out today that what I thought before wasn't true at all. Its the gear.. I wear level 58-68 level gear and my fire wizard is Level 83. Here's another warning, this isn't a rant.. Usually at the end of each world, we could farm for a great piece of gear, even in Waterworks at the time you could get pretty nice gear. As time moves on you need new gear to prepare yourself for the next new world. Imagine wearing wizard city gear in Dragonspyre. That's exactly how I feel about wearing Celestia gear in Azteca. There's new gear but only for wizards who buy a lot of crowns or those who like crafting. I haven't seen one nice gear for everyone since Celestia and the Waterworks. Please, for the next new world add gear that everyone can farm for, it would be a lot of fun to farm again for nice gear. Now, here's my idea for Wizard101, I'm not going to make a gear for every single school that would take forever!

Level 100 Gear

  • My Gear Idea- After leveling through the world to gear your pets, spells or whatever Wizard101's going to release next. It would be nice to have one last boss, lets say Morganthe, you have to defeat her before she does something that will destroy the entire spiral. After defeating her you can only receive one peace of gear from her (A robe for your school- it drops so you have to be lucky). You'll have to find the other gear throughout the new world by farming different bosses. After you collect all of your gear, you'll find out it looks kind of like Merle Ambrose's gear! Moon and Stars all over the gear, you can also dye your gear. This gear will be good enough for all of the schools throughout  the next major world release and maybe the one after that! Of course girls get a different set of gear and will be made just for them. The gear won't be exactly like Merle Ambrose's gear, but it'll be just as awesome! We're not headmaster yet, we still have a very long time to go if we do make headmaster!

I've been wanting the headmaster gear for a very long time, since Merle is our headmaster, in my idea we will not get a crystal ball or his staff, we will only get gear similar to his. This is only an idea from myself it will not happen. I hope KI is reading this post though, I would still love new gear that will help us through each new world. Even if it's just once every 20 levels, that would still be nice! If you want Kingsisle to release worlds very fast, you need to ask yourself this, Am I focusing on the world release, or the world itself? I am focusing on the world itself, you should tell by this post and many other posts I've made about World Release. I'm noticing Kingsisle hasn't released a test realm in the Wizard101 Test yet, they are listening :) Thank you Kingsisle, I love all of the detail in a world (like the ones you released on Pirate101), please keep doing this! Okay I'm done, I'm pretty sure most of you are tired from reading, if you made it this far, Thank you for reading. :)


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Nice idea! I would love to see better gear that you can farm for. And I love the idea of making us look more like wizards too! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

I love wizard gear, and the only gear I notice that looks a little bit like Wizards is of course... in the crowns shop! I really hope that they add more wizard gear for future world updates!

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Me too! A lot of the gear looks.....weird. lol I would even like wizardy gear with no stats so we could stitch it. I just want to look more like a wizard :P