May 25, 2013

My thoughts on Marleybone Pt. 2

Ahoy Pirates!

Earlier this month I made a post about Marleybone when leveling on the test realm. I thought it was difficult because of the time it took to get there and level through the dungeons. This time I'm making a post again, but it won't be the same.. This time, I have many things I'm going to write down that I love about Marleybone. Today I finally leveled through the rest of book 13 so I have been through all of the main quests. Thank you Kingsisle for a great world because I love it! 

What do I love about Marleybone?

Everything! I love everything about Marleybone, its a beautiful world, great adventures and a very nice storyline. When questing through this world I thought it was sad because it was being attacked by the Armada and they were destroying it. Catbeard, of course, started this war, won't say much so ye can level through and see how. I think the first part is sad, but by the end of Marleybone it starts getting better just in time for Aquila! You're probably wondering about the dungeons entering book 13 and the beginning of book 13. Well, they aren't as bad as they were, some fights were taken away and I believe it takes less time than it did before in the test realm. Bishop is very strong during the last long dungeon, but that's normal and will prepare ye for tough fights at the end of Marleybone and Aquila. This world is my favorite world with both games, and I really want KI to know that they did an awesome job. Thank you for listening to your players and two great worlds. I cant wait to level through Aquila, I will make posts over my adventures there. The reason I didn't make much posts about Marleybone is because I had so much fun before I knew it was I was done with the entire world! I'm ready to quest and post about Aquila. If you're a lower level player don't worry I'm still blogging about Edward Cringle. Before I end this post I have a few pictures I would like you to see. A few random pictures of my quests through Marleybone.

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