May 17, 2013

New Sabertooth Tiger Mounts/ School Mounts Idea

Hello Wizards!

Today Kingsisle released new great mounts for Wizard101, an original Sabertooth Tiger mount and Frostfang Tiger mount. Both are in the crowns shop for a cheap amount of 6,500 crowns! You can see in the pictures below how epic they are, sorry I couldn't take a picture of riding one since I have ran out of crowns recently, I hope these two pictures work though, these pictures still show how epic they are. :)

The release of these mounts makes me think about School Mounts. As you know the level 88 balance spell is the Sabertooth Tiger, and as you see (the second picture) there it is! Is this a little detail of future mounts? Could there be more spell mounts? We've had a phoenix mount, unicorn mounts, even skeletal dragon mounts! I guess we'll see. I hope the idea of school mounts are still out there because I'd love to see each school get their own mount for their school. Do you think school mounts would be a great addition to the game? I certainly do! :) I'm still waiting for that fire dragon mount Kingsisle, I hope you release one. I made a school mount post in 2011, with all of the worlds that have been released it could be different, we could have a mammoth mount also for ice. I can't think any more at the moment but maybe you can, comment below if you have any ideas for school mounts, it could only be your school or all schools. Thanks for reading, I'll see you around the Spiral and enjoy the new mounts!

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Ernis said...

An Orthus 2 person mount! :)
One person on each head.