May 14, 2013

Online Safety Post (May 2013)

Hi there,

Welcome to my 100th blog post of the year! I was trying to think of something important to write about the past few days for my 100th blog post and I decided that I should write about Online Safety.  I hope you stay to read this important post. I also hope that this helps someone reading because I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone and I want all of you to stay safe online. Please read this post or share this post with anyone you think should read my online safety tips and I hope all of you read through all of this blog post. I'm also making a bullying blog post, a link will be provided below this blog post.

Online Safety 

  • Wizard101 And Pirate101- Both of these games are very nice games, but even for the best games in the world, you'll still need online safety. Its not hard to stay safe online, you should know that you shouldn't give away your personal information such as where you live (State, town, address), credit card information, phone numbers, your name to a stranger. The things mentioned are meant to stay personal, please don't give away any of your information. If you would like to keep your Pirate101 and Wizard101 accounts, NEVER give away your password and username. If a wizard or pirate says they are going to give you crowns and a membership in return of your account information, its not true. They want to keep your account for themselves and when its all said and over, you'll end up losing your account. Kingsisle warns everyone before they log on not to give away their information, please take their advice and keep your account and continue to have fun on the game(s). 
  • Social Networks- If you're younger than 13 please ask your parents for permission if you can enter a social network site before you sign up for one. Its very important that your parents know that you are on a social network, even if you don't want your parents to know everything its very important that they do know you're on a social network. Now for personal information, just as I said above do not give away any personal information such as your address or phone number. I know on Facebook they give you an option for a town/state and phone number but if you don't want it out there on the internet you shouldn't even put it on Facebook. Twitter is different, they don't ask you for your number, and I don't think you should post your phone number or where you live. 
This is only 1/2 of the post I was planning on making. I'm also making a bullying blog post which will also be Pirate101, Wizard101 related. I'm also going to add bullying in real life. I really hope you do read this next blog post. I really do like making these posts because someone who needs online safety tips may be reading. I hope all of you are ready for a very long post, the bullying post will be way longer than this post. When the bullying post is published you can click on the image below for a direct link. Thanks for reading this blog post!

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Unknown said...

Really good and important article. I would like to add that even if you don't give out your address or phone number, if somebody has your name and knows what state you live in, they can get your address and phone number very easy online. If you're listed in your local phone book, then it's on the internet. To be safe you should never use your real name online. Use your wizard101 or pirate101 name, or make something up.