May 29, 2013

Pirate101: Marleybone Bundle Idea!

Ahoy Pirates,

With a lot of talk of the new Wizard101 bundles, I decided to make a blog post on my idea of a great Pirate101 bundle. I believe Pirate101 should have the Aquila bundle since we have a world named Aquila and Wizards doesn't. Since they have that bundle, we should have a Marleybone bundle with a few items from their side of the spiral. Don't get too excited, this isn't official or anything, only an idea post. Enjoy!

Marleybone's Admiral Bundle
(Updated Admiral Bundle)

Marleybone Galleon Ship, included with a rebirth horn. Heals your ship 50%
every 50 seconds. Removes rank 1-3 Tokens. 
New house, like Scrooge's house! If you go upstairs, ye'll have a bedroom
with a nice view. Or you could use it as a study, would be hard to focus!
New Companion,  when you get him he'll be 3 levels ahead of your level.
He'll also get two new epics right when ye redeem him as a gift. Greencoat!
Updated Admiral Gear, better talents. All Pirates will also receive a new
epic hit of your school. If you're a WD it'll be a WD epic hit from robe.
From Wizard101- Marleybone Hot Air Balloon Mount :D
1-2 person mount! This is the best mount I could think of!
I didn't label which was what so you'll have to read the descriptions below each picture. I think this would be a great bundle, oh the bundle includes one month membership/5,000 crowns! No it's not real, I wish it was though. We never know, maybe Kingsisle will make one. I'm hoping Pirate101 gets it though :D Just to go over the mount.. It would be a lot smaller, it wouldn't be as huge as a house. If you wanted ye could sail it through the Marleybone skyways, you would be allowed to ship battle, but most likely you would have to fight the enemies aboard. If you are wondering what a rebirth looks like you should click this link-, the rebirth would be able to heal other ships also. It would only be able to heal two ships. Not four. Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed this post, I usually don't make too many idea posts but I really hope you enjoyed this post. Lets hope KI does release a Marleybone bundle for us pirates on Pirate101! Oh, if I could choose a price, it would cost $40!

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