May 2, 2013

Pirates De Mayo!

Ahoy Pirates!

Now through Sunday, May 5th at 11:59 CST you can save up to 30% off crown prices on special Pirates De Mayo items! Where did Pirates De Mayo come from ye ask? Well Cool Ranch celebrates this grand holiday and they decided to celebrate with all of us :) Kingsisle if offering a limited time Gobbler Pinata housing item. Here's a list of the sales with Pirate De Mayo items worth 30% crown prices:

Froggo Villa Companion   Gorando Companion

Crazy Monquistador Companion   Mustang Gaucho Companion

Martin Valvida Companion   Moresco de Valvida Companion

De Bonzo Skiff   Goronado Figurehead

Armor Fuerte Ship Armor   Prancing Pony Mount (Fast)

Prancing Pony Mount (Very Fast)

Free Novilerro's Hat (Click "Get Free Hat" below to get your free hat or enter Beuno. This offer expires Sunday, May 5th 2013 at 11:59 Central Time. Enter your code before that time gets here! Level required: 20+

Pirates De Mayo Raffle!

Now that you've read all the way through, its time for a contest! I have 20 codes to give away, thanks to One-Eyed Jack our Pirate101 community manager and Kingsisle. Here's more information about this raffle:

  • Details: 20 codes (One for each pirate) that include 2,500 Crowns and a New Gobbler Pinata (See picture above). They expire by the end of next month so make sure ye enter the code before it expires! If you win one more than one code from my site and another site, you can't redeem two codes on one account. Ye can only redeem one code on only one account. If you have an extra code ye can give it away to a friend, post it on another account or forfeit the contest. It's your choice. The contest winners will be announced and emailed their codes when the raffle expires, 20 pirates will win!  I'll email you from my email, with your code if you win!

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