May 9, 2013

Speeding Ahead!

Hello Wizards!

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to post in awhile, I'm back now and speeding through Wizard101. I have that feeling soon Kingsisle will release a new world for Wizard101 and I've been trying to level through Azteca. I like buying minions from the crowns shop because a lot of Azteca for me is not easy to solo. When I run out of crowns I usually stop playing.. This time I'm going to try to level through Azteca and not buy as much minions as I have before. At the moment my fire is in Mangrove Marsh, I've fighting so many dinos that I can't even keep track of how many I have fought so far! Yes I'm only counting this area not the entire world lol. Since this isn't going to be too long of a post, here's a few pictures of my fire wizard in Mangrove Marsh!

Is it just me or does it look like Efreet is trying to see how low he can go?
Ha, Fire makes me stronger!
Level up! Edward's now level 84, 4 levels away from my fire spell!
These are the only pictures I have for you this time. The reason I didn't make this post longer than I wanted to is because I wanted to only give you and update where I was. If I have any important battles I'll make sure I blog about them, for now I won't be blogging about my Azteca adventure every time though. I might add a new Wizard to blog about, Edward Wintergem, he's in Avalon at the moment. He's ice of course and my very first wizard. I usually make a few updates about him. Well, before I make this post all about Wintergem, I would like to ask Kingsisle again, PLEASE give us higher level gear. I'm tired of level 68 gear and as you can see I'm not much of a crowns player and that's why I buy a lot of minions. I'm sure a lot of other wizards out there would love to see new gear to farm for. Thank you for reading everyone, See you around the Spiral!

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