May 14, 2013

Stop Bullying!

Hello again,

Welcome to my second important blog post. I like making these blog posts to help everyone, and this post I'm hoping will help a lot of people that are bullied including ones that aren't bullied. This is going to be a long post since its a very important blog post. There's a lot to cover in this blog post so I hope all of you stay and read through all of this blog post. I'm going to start with Cyber bullying which counts for Wizard, Pirates, and social networks. I'll end with bullying offline with tips to help someone being bullied.


Cyber bullying... Cyber bullying takes place on the internet. I have to mention Facebook making this post because I've noticed that so many people get bullied on Facebook. I'm not making this up because I've seen it on my own Facebook Wizard homepage. I can't believe the things I have seen, from name calling to worse. If you're talking about someone on Facebook or any other social network site this is not making you look cool or awesome.. Its making you look like you're not a good friend. Please don't make yourself look like this and STOP cyberbullying. The person you are bullying is just like you, a human being, and doesn't deserve any of it, no one does. Please don't make anyone feel like they aren't good enough because the truth is, they are good enough. If you're not the bully and you see someone bullying another person online, please tell the bully to stop and if they don't talk to the person being bullied and have the bully reported. This brings up Pirate101 and Wizard101, if you're being bullied, click on that report option and ignore. Kingsisle put the report and ignore option there for a reason and its nice to use it if you're being bullied. I LOVE the option to ignore someone on Pirate101 or Wizard101, I've used it many times. To tell all of you the truth I was once bullied on the game, it took me a long time to figure out the report and ignore option and when I found out how to, it was like defeating Morganthe and Deacon at the same time! I didn't have to hear what they had to say about me anymore. This brings me to bullying offline where sometimes its worse..


This is very sad to even talk about, I've tried adding things above to make it a little less depressing but bullying really is depressing. Why would anyone treat anyone like they are nothing? I can't solve the world's problems by making this blog post but I do know I might be able to help anyone that's reading. Bullying offline, well... now days, most of the time, it includes cyberbullying. People use cell phones to take video or talk about people, use Facebook, Twitter, every single social network on the internet. They bully others by the things they do, the way they look, act, dress, and by sexual orientation. This is not right at all. No one deserves to made fun of by any of the things mentioned above or anything else. I can't believe the things I see. Now, if you're bullying someone how would you feel if someone was bullying you, you would have to switch it around and let them bully you everyday (or every time) you bully. It wouldn't be funny anymore. I don't care how a person looks, acts, dresses, or if they prefer both genders or both. Everyone is special in their own way and when someone bullies them they don't get to show it. Don't call them names because they aren't the way you want them to be. They are their own person, they aren't you and no one on this planet will be the exact way you want them to be. Everyone is different in their own way but we are still all the same. I'll bring up something that I want to bring up with this blog post.. Sexual Orientation. I've noticed that so many people now days judge and bully if someone is attracted to a different gender. I've also noticed most of the times someone calls that person names. Now come on, you shouldn't call anyone names just because they prefer both or the opposite gender. This is like calling me a name because you prefer cookie dough ice cream and I prefer vanilla. I mean seriously, STOP calling someone a name and judging because they aren't like you. They are perfect the way they are and so are you. Not everyone is going to agree on one thing, that's the way life is. Another thing I don't want to mention but I have to... Suicide, this is something serious. No one deserves to die, I know we all will one day but someone killing themselves because of a bullies words, that's truly disgusting. I don't like hearing about it but it always happens, and I pray to God that it will stop one day. Bullying can result in self harm and this is not something that needs to happen. If you're self harming yourself, please get help. There are so many people out there in the world that CAN help you, let them help you. You don't deserve this and I want you all to have a great life. Bullies are terrible, but that doesn't mean they're right about what they say to you. This only thing the bully proves is that you should feel bad for them because they are bullying you in the first place. Now.. Here's my advice to you.

My Advice to anyone that's bullied:

  • You are perfect the way you are, there's no need to change or feel bad about yourself. You don't need someone bullying you because you're not just like them. You are yourself and you should show how perfect you really are. If you're being bullied in school contact a teacher for help! I know this might not seem like something you want to do but its the best thing to do. This is a way to stop them from hurting you every single day. No one on this planet deserves to be bullied by anyone.
  • If you see someone being bullied make sure to help the person being bullied, and then tell a teacher. Don't stand by and let them be bullied. Don't walk away and act like you haven't see anything. This person doesn't want to be bullied, you should try to put yourself in their shoes.
  • IF you're a bully, please stop. You have no idea how much damage you're doing to the person you're bullying and yourself. You're hurting them everyday because they aren't like you, no one not even you deserves to be bullied. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like to be bullied? Most likely you don't want to be bullied. We are all different and the same at the same time. We have the same feelings, no one wants to be bullied. We're all different, not everyone likes the same thing. If you don't agree with this post, you may need to read it again, again and again. 

Well, since this has been the longest post I've ever made on this blog, you should see that its a very important one. I know I mean every single word though, this bullying needs to STOP. Not everyone in the world will read this post, but you will. Maybe you can follow this post, and tell someone else, and they tell someone else. You could also keep it to yourself and remember this post. I hope all of you have made it through this very long post, well two blog posts. I really have been wanting to make this post since last week/ since I started blogging. Thank you all for reading and if you have read all the way through, please comment below with your advice to anyone that's being bullied. If they read your comments maybe they'll follow this post :)


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I don't have much to add right now, but it really is a great post.....although I noticed you seemed to focus mostly on teens. And while that is the most common age group, it does happen in all age groups. So everyone should follow your advice :) Thanks for bringing attention to such an important issue!

DaveK said...

Great Post! I shared it on Twitter and G+ too!

Unknown said...

No matter what happens, stay strong till the end! You're special! :)
I've been bullied; I know how it feels! Tell someone you trust about it and they will help you!