June 29, 2013

I miss Diary of a Wizard!

Hello Wizards,

I've been thinking about the beginning years when I just found out about the community and how much fun it was to start off in the community. When I first started this blog I didn't have much followers because I was new for over a year at blogging but I remember when Diary of a Wizard followed my blog! I was very excited because they followed my blog and it made me feel like I was doing a great job. Since then, all of you amazing followers have followed my blog and I appreciate each and everyone of you for reading and following! Even if you don't follow that's okay, I'm glad you're reading. Diary of a Wizard also had huge parties called the Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash in honor of their Birthday and the community. During this huge party hundreds if not thousands of wizards got together in Ravenwood and had a huge party there and at houses at houses that other wizards houses because they were hosting. Not only did we party there were also huge prizes that they gave out each week up until the date and during the party also. It was so much fun and brings back so much great memories. I was lucky enough to make it to the first party thanks to my friend Mary Dreamshade. The first party started back in 2010 and lasted three years, this year would be the fourth year and I'm still hoping they will have one. It was a lot of fun and I'm guessing the biggest party on Wizard101. If you think you've been to a huge party.. well you haven't until you've been to one of these parties!

Picture of the 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash (2011)

Diary of a Wizard was such a great Wizard101 Fansite, I still consider it a Fansite because it was and still is a great community site with great owners. I know no one can view it anymore since its down.. but I really hope one day it is brought back and we can continue having these great parties and the great community leaders of this site in the spiral once again. I can't wait until the day this wonderful site is brought back! I'm pretty sure most of you know about this site. If you do please show your support and comment below telling Diary of a Wizard you support and miss them. Just scroll down a little bit to post your comment. Thank you so much for reading and thank you DOAW for all of your love and support.

June 26, 2013

My Witchdoctor

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I've been extremely busy with real life and... leveling my Witchdoctor through Aquila! I'm still planning on questing on my swashbuckler but I'm trying to figure out a schedule and what kind of posts I'm going to make. I'll give ye an update on my swashbuckler in a few days... Now though, lets talk about my witchdoctor. Edward has leveled through Marleybone and is currently 1/4 or halfway through Aquila! I can't believe how difficult it can be though. I've had trouble with harpies.... don't get me started on that. Okay I'm going to start on harpies... I believe they are the strongest enemy on the game. I'm still worried to even fight them even though I've leveled a few times and trained many of my companions over 50 and close to 60. Recently I had to fight satyrs and these don't heal ye like the ones on Wizard101. They want to defeat all of the pirates that get in their way! Yesterday I got to fight ettin, I think they are hilarious! Every time you defeat them they have funny animations. Once ye pirates that haven't made it here to Aquila do make it, ye'll laugh because ye'll know what I'm talking about. I love questing on my Witchdoctor because I rarely die. I don't know if the Witchdoctor school is really that strong or if I'm thinking it but I believe the WD school is my favorite. I usually don't blog about my Witchdoctor unless I'm having trouble finding something to blog about. I do want all of you to know about my two pirates (or more pirates in the future) with their updates. Here's my advice of the day to all of the Witchdoctors out there that haven't trained any other school spells from the other schools. TRAIN Privateer! It (the heals) helps me out a lot when an enemy is about to defeat me and by the time I heal I have an attack and I'm ready to defeat... well, most of the time! The Privateer school will help you a lot, not only can you train healing spells you can also train spells that give your pirate more health! With me talking about my Witchdoctor and all of my other schools, it makes me wonder about all of ye pirates. If ye could pick one school on Pirate101, which one would ye pick to be yer favorite? Comment below! Thank ye for reading and I can't wait to make more random posts like this one! I can't wait to see all of yer favorite school also. See ye around the Spiral!

Wizards Unite's 2nd Birthday (Late Post)

Hello Wizards!

A few days ago Wizards Unite (Ian Stormstaff and all of the wonderful staff at WU) had a birthday party! Wizards Unite is a great site that really has a lot of information, awesome posts and of course awesome staff. I'm pretty sure all of you will love this site once you see it. Before I get ahead of myself... lets talk about the party! Ian Stormstaff had three houses connected with teleporters for PvP, Games and just a nice Mooshu house to look at. It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of wizards there. Ian never fails with his parties. :D

This will sound unbelievable but this is the only photo I have!

I can't believe I don't have any more pictures, because there were a lot of wizards in the other houses, I promise I'll take more pictures next time though. After this party was finished I had fun at the DeathSword Maze made by Jacob DeathHorn. It was a lot of fun, I actually had a team and we went through all of his houses and mazes. At first I was sent back to the beginning, but finally caught up with many nice wizards. I'm glad I had a lot of fun! Please make sure to visit the Wizards Unite website, and follow @JacobDeathHorn, on Twitter for more information on his wonderful mazes. Thanks so much for the fun! Here's to many more years for Wizards Unite and The DeathSword Maze!

June 21, 2013

My Pirate101 Update (My Swashbuckler and Witchdoctor)

Howdy Pirates! Before I update ye about everything, I'm going to update ye about my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. Today I finally had a chance to quest again through Pirate101 on my swashbuckler after who knows how long! I'm glad I'm not too busy anymore because I was really missing questing on Edward Cringle.. I only remember a few details about Valencia so I can't really tell ye everything I've been through on this character since the past couple of months have been crazy and the only time I've had time to quest are the mornings (most likely I probably don't make sense through any of the posts lol). :D Since I don't remember it'll be like starting off new! I started off sailing to Cool Ranch since I had the windstone and travel papers to pass. I'm very excited because I know Cool Ranch is a fun world and I get to dress like a cowboy. Don't worry ye'll see that soon enough. I'm not going to blog just yet about my adventures through Cool Ranch since its morning and I'm sure ye'll wonder if I had too much yum before I made this post! I'll give you an update on what I've been doing on Pirate101 though. With Edward Cringle, I have been nautical leveling so I could buy nice ship equipment throughout Cool Ranch. I've also been farming for gold to level my companions. With my Witchdoctor Edward, I've also been nautical leveling with Autumn Walker, and farming for ship equipment from a boss in Aquila. I've actually been busy on the game too but haven't had time to make a blog post. I'm glad I had a chance to make this post today though! I'm going to start blogging again very soon so don't worry about that. I can't wait to level Edward Cringle again, going to make the posts interesting from now on. I will not blog about every single detail. I think leveling will go faster if I do that. I'll probably only blog about bosses. Well, that's all the updates I have. I do see that a bunch of ye are reading my old posts which is great! I can't wait to make new ones for ye to read. I will start making new blog posts during this weekend. See ye around the skyway until then!

June 19, 2013

Turret Boss NXP Event

Ahoy Pirates!

Are you behind on Nautical Level? Well today Autumn Walker is having another great NXP event where ye can catch up on all of your nautical leveling. This event will take place in three different areas.. Tumbleweed Skyway in Cool Ranch, Khotan Skyway in Mooshu and Westminister Skyway in Marleybone. Make sure ye have a membership or have bought the areas with crowns. Click the image to the right for a link to Autumn's blog post for more information!


Code has been found and redeemed thank you for entering the contests everyone!

June 17, 2013

Aquila Vessel Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today all of the winners of the Create a Companion contest were announced. All of the entries were great and I believe all of the pirates out there in the community have great talent. It was so difficult to choose that I had to have an anonymous pirate help me judge! Thank ye all for entering, don't worry there will be plenty more contests and can't wait to see yer talent and how much ye have throughout the year.

Grand Prize Winner Post- 
Aquila Vessel, Heroic Anchor and 12,500 Crowns
2nd Prize Winner Post-
Aquila Vessell with 10,000 Crowns

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and 2nd Prize winners! With random.org I also held a List Randomizer of all of the other pirates that entered this exact contest. I gave away four codes worth 2,500 Crowns and a Heroic Anchor. The four winners of the Randomizer List have been emailed. Before I could take a picture of the Randomizer, I exit out. So that means I can't post the winners! Thank ye again everyone for entering. I wish I could give away prizes to all of ye!

Aquila Vessel Contest: 2nd Place Winner!

Ahoy Pirates!

Here's the 2nd Prize Winner of the Aquila Vessel Contest. The winner is.... drum roll again.... Ian Stormstaff aka Ian Sharp. Congratulations, you won a new Aquila Vessel with 10,000 Crowns! 


BackStory: Relampagos is top secret failure that the Armada has tried to keep secret but utterly failed after you brought down Bishop. After you take down Bishop in MB you come across papers for a top secret Armada project. A little more snooping and you learn that there's an extra elite Armada member nobody knew of. Relampagos was intended to be the smartest Armada member yet, and was rumored to have such high intelligence he could not be beat. Relampagos sees flaws no one else could dream of, and that exactly was his downfall. In an early meeting Relampagos said that a capture plan for a young pirate would fail, saying the pirate was too much of a gamble and that going after them was a grave mistake. Kane ignored Relampagos and captured, well, you, the pirate. After your escape Deacon told Kane of your feat. This angered Kane so much he ordered to have Relampagos dismantled. Relampagos remains in standby, hung in a locked vault INSIDE Beachhead. After breaking into the vault (Bonnie's got some nice door breaking skills) you find Relapmagos Activated and attacking the guards Kane has stationed in the vault. You rush to join the battle, and after smashing some clockworks you are alone with Relampagos. Though he is a bit stiff (even for a clockwork) and off colored, he is otherwise in pristine Armada condition. He looks down on you and you begin to realize that just because he was attacking Armada troops doesn't mean he's on your side. You take a step back and Relampagos bows. He sheaths his sword and introduces himself, mentioning that you must be the pirate he knew would bring down the Armada. When he mentions the Armadas name you notice something in his tone. He sees this and confirms what you think, that he hates the armada just as much as you do. He asks to join your forces in bringing down his creators in revenge for turning against him. You accept and Relampagos joins your crew. 

Name: Relampagos
Title: Rogue Armada 
Class: Swashbuckler
Level: 5 levels above your level upon receiving him. 
Retrieval: side quest when you enter the BeachHead in MB

Upgrade? Yes, he has one upgrade later on in Aquila, which involves breaking into Sivella to retrieve his original blueprints and the Armada's special oil. After upgrade he loses his wear and tear appearance from his imprisonment and gains some killer new swords, as well as new title, Master Armada Tactician. 

-Construct Golem: summons a golem similar to the one Gracie Collins summons, but with Armada appearance and character. Will look much like a wandering street clockwork soldier.
-Hurl Knife: just like the original Power, Relampagos throws knives at a distance to the opponent.
-*AFTER UPGRADE*Proximity Mines: same as original power, allows Relampagos to place a mine on an empty square in battle.

In addition Relampagos will also have all of the swashbuckler related talents for when you level him up.

-While in BeachHead you pass a table
-interacting with the table find the top secret file
-Bonnie finds and blows vault door
-You find Relampagos battling Armada soldiers
-you fight and defeat soldiers
-Relampagos monologue, puppet show about his exile
-Relampagos asks to join your crew
-New companion box appears
-You recruit Relampagos, he is 5 levels above you
-once he is level 62, he will bring up his upgrade quest

Upgrade Quest Timeline:
-you must defeat 15 armada scout ships near Sivella for a special key
-you must break into Sivella's archives
-you battle bishop, who knows of Relampagos freedom but hasn't told Kane
-after defeating Bishop he flees, threatening to summon Kane himself
-you retrieve blueprints for Ralampagos original design plans
-You escape to the docks
-fly to Nearest tavern
-upgrade Relampagos

Aquila Vessel Contest: Grand Prize Winner!

Ahoy Pirates,

Two weeks ago I had a contest where pirates had a chance to enter by creating a companion of their own with as much details as possible. Wow, I wish all of ye could have won and that's why I had help judging. I can't tell ye who helped me but we decided to winning entries because it was difficult to do it alone. All of yer entries are great and I wish I could post about all of them but, I can't! I really would like to thank all of those who didn't win (doesn't mean you shouldn't win). Anyways.. The grand prize winner is.... drum roll.... CLEVER COLE CROW, with his entry, The Great Crow.

Name: The Great Crow

Title: Crow Bard

Class: Witchdoctor

Appearance: The Great Crow, of course, is a crow. Now, unlike the other bird species of the spiral, the crows are actually anatomically correct when compared to their real life counterparts. He holds objects in the final bend in the wing; there's something to grab stuff with there. The Great Crow (or as I will call him for simplicity's sake, Dorian) is about 5' 4" tall standing up straight. Dorian's feathers are a sleek black, with a moderate oily shine. His eyes are like crystals, and known to glow occasionally, but they are always bright Cyan. He wears an olive green leather vest, with a darker green intricate vine pattern on the material, and a detailed stitching job with gold fabric along the edges of the vest. He also wears baggy light brown cloth pants, modified to fit his crow legs, with the only detail being dark brown yarn that tightens the waist and ankles. He also carries an average sized lute, which he keeps strapped to his back when not using it. 

Story: Dorian originates from Darkmoor, where he lived an uneventful childhood, until he discovered the magic of playing music. Energized and seeking a life of adventure, he then stowed away on the galleon of a successful pirate at the time, and learned the secrets of the way to sail. He also practiced playing the lute. He figures out how to actually use the magic of this music in battle. Within a year, after having gotten enough gold to hire a shipwright to craft a small skiff, and begins life as a bard, sailing from world to world, determined to collect all of the stories that the spiral had to offer. 

You meet Dorian at The Black Spot, where he agrees to take you to Darkmoor (for some kind of sideworld adventure), if you help replenish his supply of vintage Yum from a black-hearted scoundrel, just like those in the tales of bard tells. The Great Crow acts as your guide through Darkmoor, and joins your crew when you finish, stating that "I can see there will be many tales to tell from your exploits, and that's the greatest payment you could offer me."

Personality: Dorian has a jolly personality, almost always smug. He always acts as if in control of the situation, even in situations that are obviously out of anyone's hands. Also uses grand, superfluous language to improve his point and tell stories.

Battle Statistics 
(Not including pictures)

Base Stats:

Strength: Low Agility: Low Will: Med-High Accuracy: Med-High 

Dodge: Med- Low Armor: None Resistance: Medium Damage: Average Health: Average


Powers: Crow's Song, Mojo Blade

Epic Talents: Stars with Mojo Echo. Can train three more epics, from the options of;

Mojo Echo, Mojo Rising, Jobu's Ruse, Counterspell, Coward's Bane

Regular Talents: Can Train 20 talents upon arrival into crew, from the options of:

Accurate, Dodgy, Spooky, Spirited, Tough, Lucky, Rough- Up to Four Each.

Attack: Witchdoctor attack, single target, range of 4

Animations: Idle: He stands there, looking around, and occasionally lifts up his left wing to adjust some feathers. Walking/ Running: The Great Crow ducks down, somewhat squatting as he runs. During regular out-of-combat running, he occasionally lifts up his wings and hovers a few seconds, before landing and doing the other running animation. Regular Attack: Dorian jumps up and levitates up in the air for a few second as he strums his lute and green waves of sound magic fly through the air and hit the enemy. Critical hit attacks: Rank 1: Dorian plays a very dissonant note which sends sharp jagged waves of magic cascading into the target. Rank 2: Dorian jumps up into the air, strums a single note, and dives in to deal damage to the target, then does a double blackflip as he flies back into his spot. Rank 3: A summoning circle appears under Dorian's feet as he plays a joyful melody to summon a giant ghostly avatar to himself. The avatar tosses his lute at the target, which while it spins around and around, functions like a boomerang and deals damage to the target, then returning to the avatar as he shrinks into Dorian's true solid body. 


Promotion Level: *whatever level is the new cap from the next expansion*

Quest Summoning: "Greetings captain. I have caught wind of a story occurring of such magnitude that it blow all of my other tales out of the skyway. Please meet me in the tavern cellar."

Quest Name: With this Rapier, I do smite...

Quest Summary: Helix, the Aquilan Satyr, is setting out to rescue the Mastery Amulet of Life from a traveling sorcerer who stole it, to restore the Life Force of the dying clan. On his journey, wielding his Rapier of the Sanctuary, encounters trouble he cannot overcome on his own and Dorian is forced to intervene, dragging you along. You help the Satyr, and as a reward, Dorian gets a Mastery Amulet of Death that the wizard was holding. When finished with the adventure, you and Dorian go to Marleybone City to report the story to the Grand Library. The council pf storytellers accepts him as Grand Chronicler. Hooray! Then you enjoy a drink of Yum at the tavern. 

Name: The Great Crow

Title: Grand Chronicler 

Class: Witchdoctor 

Changes to Appearance: Dorian now wears a tricorn with a feather in it, the Death Mastery Amulet, and a pencil on his ear. Well, as close to a crow actually has to an ear. The hat and his clothes are now color custom to your crew colors. 

Talents/ Powers: 


Shadow Step, Raven's Cry, Mojo Reaver

Epic Talents: Can train one more epic, from the options that haven't already been maxed out;

Mojo Echo, Mojo Rising, Jobu's Rise, Counterspell, Coward's Bane. 

Wow Clever Cole.. I have to say this is the winning entry. You've included a lot of details and I admit it was a lot of typing but I enjoyed it. You don't need a picture to see what this companion would look like and be like. Thank you so much for your submission and I'll email you your codes. You will win a new Aquila Vessel included with 10,000 Crowns + an Heroic Anchor included with 2,500 Crowns! Thank you for entering. I'll make the post with the 2nd place winner soon. 

June 14, 2013

Official Fansite?

Hi there,

Today on Twitter I noticed that a wizard asked if it was hard to become an official Fansite. I have submitted for Wizard101 Fansite before and I won't lie so I'll say yes! It is hard to submit for Wizard101 Official and Pirate101 Official. With Wizard101 I've had many troubles submitting and following guidelines (of course I know how to now though). Last November I was accepted for Pirate101 Fansite, it did take awhile though but I didn't mind that because I know if you keep trying hard at something you will accomplish anything! Even though its difficult to complete something at one time it doesn't mean you never will. Here's some tips to those wizards or pirates who are planning on submitting.

  • Follow Guidelines- You'll see that Wizard101 and Pirate101 fansite submissions have many guidelines, make sure you follow those before submitting your site. 
  • Family Friendly- Now... if you're using a lot of bad language and what not on your site I'm sure you won't be accepted as official. Please make sure you aren't doing that so you have a chance!
  • It's not about the gifts- I'm pretty sure most of you know that Fansite Owners do redeem gifts so they can take pictures of new bundles, gear, pets etc... I'll tell you now this is not about the gifts, I love all of the new crowns shop items (on Pirate101), but that doesn't mean I'm only blogging for gifts. Its not important to me. I love blogging for Pirate101 and Wizard101 because both are my favorite games and Kingsisle is my favorite game team! I am a Pirate101 Fansite owner but I know its not about the gifts, its much more than that. If I ever make Wizard101 Fansite, I promise you it'll always be the same from now until forever. :D I hope all of you reading who are planning on submitting your site follow that too.
  • It's difficult- Sometimes its difficult to update every week, or everyday (like I do). If you believe you won't be able to update everyday that's okay. Just make sure you follow the guideline by updating your site every 7 days/week. It is difficult but it's A LOT of fun and I hope to help more people more often with Pirate101 and Wizard101.
  • If you don't make it- It's okay if you don't make it the first time, you'll have other times to submit your site. Show dedication, I haven't really gave up on something that you'll see soon. You shouldn't give up on something if you really like to blog for the community(s).

I'm really glad I made official but to prove if one day I was taken off the list of Pirate101 Official, I would still blog about Pirate101 because I love the game and Kingsisle. Lol so.. I hope that answers your question a bit. You can see more of the Fansites by clicking on the images below..

June 12, 2013

New Wizard101 Commercial

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle has been on a roll lately, they released another great commercial. This time they released a Wizard101 commercial, there's a surprise at the beginning but don't worry you didn't click on the wrong video. I believe this commercial might be Wizard101's best yet, along with the Pirate101 Commercial released yesterday. Click on the image to the right to watch the new EPIC Wizard101 Commercial!

Sail into Summer Sale!

Ahoy Pirates,

Now through June 16th all pirates can save up to 50% off all ships and select ship equipment. With this sale comes a new pirate ship, Epic Hero Galleon, and a bunch of new ship equipment. As ye may have noticed, all Pirate101 Fansites are having contests to give away one of these epic ships along with ship equipment, so make sure to check all of the fansites to see what they are giving away! Click the image to the right to see all of the sale items and new ship items. This is going to be one epic month!

June 11, 2013

New Pirate101 Commercial!

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle released another awesome Pirate101 Commercial, this commercial shows all of the classes of Pirate101. So far I have a Swashbuckler and a Witchdoctor! I plan to have all schools one day. If you haven't had a chance to play Pirate101 yet, you should. It's my favorite game and I'm sure you'll love it. The storyline is great and the graphics.... amazing. Pick your school today by creating an account at Pirate101 -https://www.pirate101.com/- I hope you see you in the Skyways pirates! Click the Witchdoctor image to the right to view the new Pirate101 Commercial!

June 10, 2013

Pharaoh's Hoard Game Card Pack!

Hello Wizards,

Kingsisle released another awesome game card pack! This pack is called the Pharaoh's Hoard, which is themed on Krokotopia. This game card pack comes with a chance of winning a new Mander Palaquin Mount, Mummy Cat Pet, krokotopia themed gear and much more. This pack is sold in the Wizard101 Crowns shop for 399 crowns. For more information on this new pack click on the image to the right!

June 9, 2013

WW fun with Ian and Autumn!

Hello Wizards!

I haven't made a blog post of what I actually do on Wizard101 when I'm not leveling in awhile. Yesterday I logged into Wizard101 with Ian Stormstaff and Autumn Dreamwalker to run through the Waterworks for gear. I think the waterworks gear might be the best in the game (for non-members), but I'm still glad we have this place to farm if we can't find any gear in different worlds or can't buy any from the crowns shop! To make farming better I actually won a robe, on my fire which is level 90, this robe was a level 54 robe with 18 damage and 100 health! Lol, okay that isn't too exciting. I did get a few mega snacks though. I believe Ian got skyscream boots, which are level 60 storm boots! Autumn didn't get much though.. that doesn't mean we won't run it again though!

Joking around with Ian :D Well maybe not, he kept hitting critical!
That had to hurt! Nice hit Ian :D
Using Sun Serpent on the last boss of the WW dungeon.
Does that hurt?
Autumn Dreamwalker using Sabertooth, EPIC!

Autumn Lifesong was also hitting strong hits with Spixysaur , spinosaur, Spynsoaur? LOL however you spell that, if you know how to please comment below. Anyways, that spell is VERY strong and anyone who thinks life is weak should think twice. You never know what life wizards are capable of with that spell. Oh you shouldn't be calling life weak in the first place or you wouldn't even be alive during battles! I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll probably start doing this more often with Wizard101 AND Pirate101. :D See you around the Spiral!

Aquila Vessel Contest Update

Ahoy Pirates!

A week ago today I made a post about a great new contest I'm having, the Aquila Crowns Shop Vessel Contest. To enter this contest ye have to create one Pirate101 companion by: including as much details about your companion such as hits, talents (health, epic hits, etc.), what it would look like- you can include a picture if you want. This companion can't be a companion that already exists on the game.

When you're ready to submit your companion to me, send an email to edwardfrostgem@gmail.com . I will judge all entries when this contest ends and will pick six winners. The Grand Prize winner will win a New Aquila Crowns shop Vessel (as seen above) which includes 10,000 crowns and will also receive 2,500 Crowns with a new Heroic Anchor (seen below). The 2nd prize winner will receive a Aquila Crowns shop Vessel with 10,000 Crowns. To make it to where everyone else has a chance to win, I have four extra Heroic Anchors with 2,500 crowns included and I'll enter everyone else who entered the contest in a randomize list with random.org and the top four winners will win! Everyone who wins will receive their codes through email! This contest ends next week (Sunday, June 16th at 12:00 P.M. CST) so make sure you submit your companion to me before that date. Good luck pirates! Make sure to check out all of the other official Pirate101 Fansites contests as well, they are also giving away Aquila Vessels and ship equipment!

June 8, 2013

Wizards Unite's Costume Party Recap!

Hello Wizards!

Today, Ian Stormstaff from Wizards Unite had a great party, a costume party! This party is part of celebrating Wizards Unite's Birthday. It was a lot of fun! You'd never guess what I went as... so I'll tell you.. Santa! Hohoho, Merry Christmas in 6 months. :D This was a great way to get the community together and celebrate Wizards Unite's birthday this month. Here's a few pictures from the WU Costume Party event.

A picture with the FAMOUS & Well Known Ian Stormstaff. :D
A view of everyone at the party, which lasted longer than three hours!

This was a great event and I can't wait until the next one which is a Mount Parade on June 12th at 3:00 P.M. EST, 2:00 P.M. CST! These are two of a series of great events, if you would like to read more about all of the events Ian/ WU is having click on the (direct link) image below.

Special Pirate101 Interview with Tom Purdue!

Ahoy Pirates!

I have a nice surprise interview for all of ye pirates today. I interviewed Tom Purdue, our Pirate101 community manager, again through email! I'm a very happy pirate today because Tom accepted another interview I wanted to have with him. This interview is based on the new books/worlds (book 13) Marleybone and (book 14) Aquila. I hope all of ye enjoy this special interview.

 Question 1: Pirate101 has two new books/worlds now. I was wondering if it was difficult releasing such a big update to the game. Wizard101 usually releases one new world each huge world update. Was it difficult releasing such a big update on Pirate101? 

Tom Purdue: It was extremely difficult and extremely fun at the same time! We are incredibly proud of this accomplishment and likewise happy that our players are enjoying all of the new content and game improvements. I did like how impressed players were with our hard work. We love hearing feedback from our awesome players.

Question 2: Out of the two new worlds, which one do you like the best. Marleybone or Aquila?

Tom Purdue: Hmmm, isn't that like asking if I like the Peanut Butter more or the Jelly in a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? ;) But since I haven't really experienced Aquila to its fullest (I've only dipped my foot into the Aquila content so far and sunk a few ships there), I can't really fairly answer that question yet. Ask me again in a couple of weeks. ;)

Question 3: I've noticed there's been a lot of questions about the recent new Wizard101 bundles. Will Pirate101 get a new bundle based on one of our worlds?

Tom Purdue: There will be new Pirate101 bundles in the future, but I can't speak to any specific plans. World-themed bundles have proven to be a lot of fun in Wizard101, but you never know what kind of creativity our team is possible of. 

Question 4: There are a lot of pirates entering Marleybone for the first time. Do you have any advice to give any pirates getting ready to enter this new world?

Tom Purdue: From what I've seen on the forums and from my own play through the content, make sure you remember to level your companions! It's been a long time since some pirates have even had to think about pressing that "Train" buttons on their companions; you may accidentally let five levels slip by without even considering the power curves of your companions. Beyond that, there is a lot of fantastic advice as well on our amazing fan sites, and if a player is genuinely stuck, it's nice to know they have some helpful players to turn to with strategy guides and even direct quest assistance.

Question 5: Have you tried out Marleybone or Aquila yet? 

Tom Purdue: I'm currently working on Aquila content with my Witchdoctor, but I have plans to play through the new content twice immediately, and then pick back up with my buccaneer in Cool Ranch to finish up the game a third time... then it'll be time to think about my Musketeer or Swashbuckler. I have plans to play through the entire game with each class... and when that's done, I'll do it again (or finally finish off all those side quests I've been sitting on)!

Question 6: There has been so many updates with Pirate101.. one of which being new crown shop items! Do you think we'll ever be ever to gift on Pirate101?

Tom Purdue: Yes! Crown Shop gifting is a highly requested feature, and we continue making strides to bring this to Pirate101.

Question 7: You've been the Pirate101 Community Manager over a year now, out of your days there at Kingsisle, which one would you pick that was your favorite? What did you do that day?

Tom Purdue: My favorite day was back in Beta when we had a party and invited everyone to quest through the entry zones for a few hours, and I was able to have a little fun with the in game messaging system. Although that particular point in time will never be recreated, I just had a blast, and we (as a company) finally were able to see the world as what it would look like on opening day (which was another fine day on the job too). I hope people still remember that event. It was a lot of fun. Any day where I can help players improve their experience or celebrate their successes, I feel I have done a good day's work.

Question 8: Before I post the question, I wanted to tell you I remember that day. It was a lot of fun and of course, you were very funny when you tested out the messaging system! -- When creating the bazaar, why did you choose a rabbit instead of a human merchant? (I love the Rabbit).

Tom Purdue: I'm not sure, and that choice wasn't mine to make, but it was fun watching the artist who sits behind me bring Harvey Deuce to life! I will say one thing, no humanoid quite wears a gold tooth like Harvey!

Question 9: Can you do me a favor and tell everyone at Kingsisle that I love the two new world updates on Pirate101? Also tell them I can't wait to see all of the future worlds/ success on Pirate101!

Tom Purdue: Done and done! Thank you so much for your support of Pirate101 for an official fan site. I know it can be tough work running a fan site and sometimes it can feel like you're putting in a lot of effort, but we truly appreciate your words, and it helps fuel our fire to bring more and better content to Pirate101. To you and all the fans out there, keep up the good work!

Final Question: Thank you so much for accepting this interview! Its great to see you interact so much with Pirate101 players! Do you have anything you would like to say about the rest of the year with Pirate101? 

Tom Purdue: I think that's best summed up by The FrogFather's recent Producer's letter: "... the Team remains fast at work on lots of brand new advanced content, additional improvements, and some pet projects we'll fill you in on a bit later- it should be a banner year and we're very excited about what's in store."

Thank you again Tom, One-Eyed Jack, for this great interview. I'm very glad you accepted and I'm pretty sure a lot of pirates out there in the skyways will enjoy reading this interview! All of you at Kingsisle are the best and I hope you know I love being a fansite owner for the best game ever and can't wait to see all of the great things you have planned for us pirates!

I haven't joined the Armada!

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made a blog post with Edward Cringle. I've been very busy with awesome contests, leveling through Aquila with my witchdoctor and so much more. I finally had time to level today, and I really got far! Well, as far as almost finishing an entire world. As you know Edward Cringle made his way to Valencia a couple weeks ago to find another piece of Marco Pollo's Map. I had to fight Armada ships to find a disguise so I wouldn't be attacked by thousands of Armada Troops on the island of Sivella. I left ye off by talking to one of the unicorns there. I'm still trying to find the piece of map. This world is very small so I'm making this update to tell you that I haven't joined the Armada! I really had nothing to blog about with this world other than getting a new Cool Ranch Windstone!

Edward Cringle's epic hit on Armada, got caught! 

After getting caught I received a quest for a windstone. I bet ye know what the windstone is for, if not... Cool Ranch! This type of quest is never easy ye know.. I met a new evil enemy though!


After defeating the Armada, I went back to talk to Steed.

That's it for this post. The next post will make a lot more sense, I'll make it to Cool Ranch. During Cool Ranch I'm not going to blog about every single little thing. I'm going to start blogging about boss battles or important things I think ye'll want/need to see. Even though this was confusing, I still hope ye read through and enjoyed it! I'll see ye around the Spiral!