June 6, 2013

Almost finished!

Hello Wizards,

As you know Autumn Dreamwalker and I have been questing through Azteca for the past few weeks. We're actually almost finished with this world. I have no idea how anyone could solo this world, I tried soloing the world at first and after awhile it started getting difficult. I guess its normal though, since we're getting close to level 90. I believe we need new gear though, the only nice gear I see is from the crowns shop/game card packs. Pets help a lot but I don't think they'll help enough fighting a 20k health boss solo. Don't worry this post isn't about me complaining, its also about how beautiful I think the world is. I love dinosaurs (well some of them, if they don't kill Autumn and I)! I've been getting a little understand of what exactly is going on in the storyline, Morganthe is showing how evil she can be as usual, and I really want to stop her. This post really isn't a post about one certain fight, so I'm just going to post a few of my favorite pictures!

Ouch/ EPIC!
I wonder when they are going to stop hitting me?!
This is getting old...

I couldn't get one picture of a spell hitting Autumn... I mean... That's good they didn't hit her! I think that they really hated me though. As you can tell with the picture above. Lol well maybe next round I won't be the one getting hit? I believe they are afraid of Autumn! She uses her Sabertooth one time and they run! Okay time to end the post since its a random post of Edward Firegem being hit by many spells.. I believe I'll have a few more posts of questing and one last post on the last dungeon of Azteca! Thanks for those who read these random posts. Its the morning and I have no idea what I'm typing! :D 

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