June 17, 2013

Aquila Vessel Contest: 2nd Place Winner!

Ahoy Pirates!

Here's the 2nd Prize Winner of the Aquila Vessel Contest. The winner is.... drum roll again.... Ian Stormstaff aka Ian Sharp. Congratulations, you won a new Aquila Vessel with 10,000 Crowns! 


BackStory: Relampagos is top secret failure that the Armada has tried to keep secret but utterly failed after you brought down Bishop. After you take down Bishop in MB you come across papers for a top secret Armada project. A little more snooping and you learn that there's an extra elite Armada member nobody knew of. Relampagos was intended to be the smartest Armada member yet, and was rumored to have such high intelligence he could not be beat. Relampagos sees flaws no one else could dream of, and that exactly was his downfall. In an early meeting Relampagos said that a capture plan for a young pirate would fail, saying the pirate was too much of a gamble and that going after them was a grave mistake. Kane ignored Relampagos and captured, well, you, the pirate. After your escape Deacon told Kane of your feat. This angered Kane so much he ordered to have Relampagos dismantled. Relampagos remains in standby, hung in a locked vault INSIDE Beachhead. After breaking into the vault (Bonnie's got some nice door breaking skills) you find Relapmagos Activated and attacking the guards Kane has stationed in the vault. You rush to join the battle, and after smashing some clockworks you are alone with Relampagos. Though he is a bit stiff (even for a clockwork) and off colored, he is otherwise in pristine Armada condition. He looks down on you and you begin to realize that just because he was attacking Armada troops doesn't mean he's on your side. You take a step back and Relampagos bows. He sheaths his sword and introduces himself, mentioning that you must be the pirate he knew would bring down the Armada. When he mentions the Armadas name you notice something in his tone. He sees this and confirms what you think, that he hates the armada just as much as you do. He asks to join your forces in bringing down his creators in revenge for turning against him. You accept and Relampagos joins your crew. 

Name: Relampagos
Title: Rogue Armada 
Class: Swashbuckler
Level: 5 levels above your level upon receiving him. 
Retrieval: side quest when you enter the BeachHead in MB

Upgrade? Yes, he has one upgrade later on in Aquila, which involves breaking into Sivella to retrieve his original blueprints and the Armada's special oil. After upgrade he loses his wear and tear appearance from his imprisonment and gains some killer new swords, as well as new title, Master Armada Tactician. 

-Construct Golem: summons a golem similar to the one Gracie Collins summons, but with Armada appearance and character. Will look much like a wandering street clockwork soldier.
-Hurl Knife: just like the original Power, Relampagos throws knives at a distance to the opponent.
-*AFTER UPGRADE*Proximity Mines: same as original power, allows Relampagos to place a mine on an empty square in battle.

In addition Relampagos will also have all of the swashbuckler related talents for when you level him up.

-While in BeachHead you pass a table
-interacting with the table find the top secret file
-Bonnie finds and blows vault door
-You find Relampagos battling Armada soldiers
-you fight and defeat soldiers
-Relampagos monologue, puppet show about his exile
-Relampagos asks to join your crew
-New companion box appears
-You recruit Relampagos, he is 5 levels above you
-once he is level 62, he will bring up his upgrade quest

Upgrade Quest Timeline:
-you must defeat 15 armada scout ships near Sivella for a special key
-you must break into Sivella's archives
-you battle bishop, who knows of Relampagos freedom but hasn't told Kane
-after defeating Bishop he flees, threatening to summon Kane himself
-you retrieve blueprints for Ralampagos original design plans
-You escape to the docks
-fly to Nearest tavern
-upgrade Relampagos

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