June 17, 2013

Aquila Vessel Contest: Grand Prize Winner!

Ahoy Pirates,

Two weeks ago I had a contest where pirates had a chance to enter by creating a companion of their own with as much details as possible. Wow, I wish all of ye could have won and that's why I had help judging. I can't tell ye who helped me but we decided to winning entries because it was difficult to do it alone. All of yer entries are great and I wish I could post about all of them but, I can't! I really would like to thank all of those who didn't win (doesn't mean you shouldn't win). Anyways.. The grand prize winner is.... drum roll.... CLEVER COLE CROW, with his entry, The Great Crow.

Name: The Great Crow

Title: Crow Bard

Class: Witchdoctor

Appearance: The Great Crow, of course, is a crow. Now, unlike the other bird species of the spiral, the crows are actually anatomically correct when compared to their real life counterparts. He holds objects in the final bend in the wing; there's something to grab stuff with there. The Great Crow (or as I will call him for simplicity's sake, Dorian) is about 5' 4" tall standing up straight. Dorian's feathers are a sleek black, with a moderate oily shine. His eyes are like crystals, and known to glow occasionally, but they are always bright Cyan. He wears an olive green leather vest, with a darker green intricate vine pattern on the material, and a detailed stitching job with gold fabric along the edges of the vest. He also wears baggy light brown cloth pants, modified to fit his crow legs, with the only detail being dark brown yarn that tightens the waist and ankles. He also carries an average sized lute, which he keeps strapped to his back when not using it. 

Story: Dorian originates from Darkmoor, where he lived an uneventful childhood, until he discovered the magic of playing music. Energized and seeking a life of adventure, he then stowed away on the galleon of a successful pirate at the time, and learned the secrets of the way to sail. He also practiced playing the lute. He figures out how to actually use the magic of this music in battle. Within a year, after having gotten enough gold to hire a shipwright to craft a small skiff, and begins life as a bard, sailing from world to world, determined to collect all of the stories that the spiral had to offer. 

You meet Dorian at The Black Spot, where he agrees to take you to Darkmoor (for some kind of sideworld adventure), if you help replenish his supply of vintage Yum from a black-hearted scoundrel, just like those in the tales of bard tells. The Great Crow acts as your guide through Darkmoor, and joins your crew when you finish, stating that "I can see there will be many tales to tell from your exploits, and that's the greatest payment you could offer me."

Personality: Dorian has a jolly personality, almost always smug. He always acts as if in control of the situation, even in situations that are obviously out of anyone's hands. Also uses grand, superfluous language to improve his point and tell stories.

Battle Statistics 
(Not including pictures)

Base Stats:

Strength: Low Agility: Low Will: Med-High Accuracy: Med-High 

Dodge: Med- Low Armor: None Resistance: Medium Damage: Average Health: Average


Powers: Crow's Song, Mojo Blade

Epic Talents: Stars with Mojo Echo. Can train three more epics, from the options of;

Mojo Echo, Mojo Rising, Jobu's Ruse, Counterspell, Coward's Bane

Regular Talents: Can Train 20 talents upon arrival into crew, from the options of:

Accurate, Dodgy, Spooky, Spirited, Tough, Lucky, Rough- Up to Four Each.

Attack: Witchdoctor attack, single target, range of 4

Animations: Idle: He stands there, looking around, and occasionally lifts up his left wing to adjust some feathers. Walking/ Running: The Great Crow ducks down, somewhat squatting as he runs. During regular out-of-combat running, he occasionally lifts up his wings and hovers a few seconds, before landing and doing the other running animation. Regular Attack: Dorian jumps up and levitates up in the air for a few second as he strums his lute and green waves of sound magic fly through the air and hit the enemy. Critical hit attacks: Rank 1: Dorian plays a very dissonant note which sends sharp jagged waves of magic cascading into the target. Rank 2: Dorian jumps up into the air, strums a single note, and dives in to deal damage to the target, then does a double blackflip as he flies back into his spot. Rank 3: A summoning circle appears under Dorian's feet as he plays a joyful melody to summon a giant ghostly avatar to himself. The avatar tosses his lute at the target, which while it spins around and around, functions like a boomerang and deals damage to the target, then returning to the avatar as he shrinks into Dorian's true solid body. 


Promotion Level: *whatever level is the new cap from the next expansion*

Quest Summoning: "Greetings captain. I have caught wind of a story occurring of such magnitude that it blow all of my other tales out of the skyway. Please meet me in the tavern cellar."

Quest Name: With this Rapier, I do smite...

Quest Summary: Helix, the Aquilan Satyr, is setting out to rescue the Mastery Amulet of Life from a traveling sorcerer who stole it, to restore the Life Force of the dying clan. On his journey, wielding his Rapier of the Sanctuary, encounters trouble he cannot overcome on his own and Dorian is forced to intervene, dragging you along. You help the Satyr, and as a reward, Dorian gets a Mastery Amulet of Death that the wizard was holding. When finished with the adventure, you and Dorian go to Marleybone City to report the story to the Grand Library. The council pf storytellers accepts him as Grand Chronicler. Hooray! Then you enjoy a drink of Yum at the tavern. 

Name: The Great Crow

Title: Grand Chronicler 

Class: Witchdoctor 

Changes to Appearance: Dorian now wears a tricorn with a feather in it, the Death Mastery Amulet, and a pencil on his ear. Well, as close to a crow actually has to an ear. The hat and his clothes are now color custom to your crew colors. 

Talents/ Powers: 


Shadow Step, Raven's Cry, Mojo Reaver

Epic Talents: Can train one more epic, from the options that haven't already been maxed out;

Mojo Echo, Mojo Rising, Jobu's Rise, Counterspell, Coward's Bane. 

Wow Clever Cole.. I have to say this is the winning entry. You've included a lot of details and I admit it was a lot of typing but I enjoyed it. You don't need a picture to see what this companion would look like and be like. Thank you so much for your submission and I'll email you your codes. You will win a new Aquila Vessel included with 10,000 Crowns + an Heroic Anchor included with 2,500 Crowns! Thank you for entering. I'll make the post with the 2nd place winner soon. 

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