June 9, 2013

Aquila Vessel Contest Update

Ahoy Pirates!

A week ago today I made a post about a great new contest I'm having, the Aquila Crowns Shop Vessel Contest. To enter this contest ye have to create one Pirate101 companion by: including as much details about your companion such as hits, talents (health, epic hits, etc.), what it would look like- you can include a picture if you want. This companion can't be a companion that already exists on the game.

When you're ready to submit your companion to me, send an email to edwardfrostgem@gmail.com . I will judge all entries when this contest ends and will pick six winners. The Grand Prize winner will win a New Aquila Crowns shop Vessel (as seen above) which includes 10,000 crowns and will also receive 2,500 Crowns with a new Heroic Anchor (seen below). The 2nd prize winner will receive a Aquila Crowns shop Vessel with 10,000 Crowns. To make it to where everyone else has a chance to win, I have four extra Heroic Anchors with 2,500 crowns included and I'll enter everyone else who entered the contest in a randomize list with random.org and the top four winners will win! Everyone who wins will receive their codes through email! This contest ends next week (Sunday, June 16th at 12:00 P.M. CST) so make sure you submit your companion to me before that date. Good luck pirates! Make sure to check out all of the other official Pirate101 Fansites contests as well, they are also giving away Aquila Vessels and ship equipment!


Evan Silver said...

Can you add my blog to your blogroll?

Edward Lifegem said...

Added it to my blogroll long ago ago, you just have to update in a matter of four days to see it. Click on show all to see it :)