June 17, 2013

Aquila Vessel Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today all of the winners of the Create a Companion contest were announced. All of the entries were great and I believe all of the pirates out there in the community have great talent. It was so difficult to choose that I had to have an anonymous pirate help me judge! Thank ye all for entering, don't worry there will be plenty more contests and can't wait to see yer talent and how much ye have throughout the year.

Grand Prize Winner Post- 
Aquila Vessel, Heroic Anchor and 12,500 Crowns
2nd Prize Winner Post-
Aquila Vessell with 10,000 Crowns

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and 2nd Prize winners! With random.org I also held a List Randomizer of all of the other pirates that entered this exact contest. I gave away four codes worth 2,500 Crowns and a Heroic Anchor. The four winners of the Randomizer List have been emailed. Before I could take a picture of the Randomizer, I exit out. So that means I can't post the winners! Thank ye again everyone for entering. I wish I could give away prizes to all of ye!

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