June 8, 2013

I haven't joined the Armada!

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made a blog post with Edward Cringle. I've been very busy with awesome contests, leveling through Aquila with my witchdoctor and so much more. I finally had time to level today, and I really got far! Well, as far as almost finishing an entire world. As you know Edward Cringle made his way to Valencia a couple weeks ago to find another piece of Marco Pollo's Map. I had to fight Armada ships to find a disguise so I wouldn't be attacked by thousands of Armada Troops on the island of Sivella. I left ye off by talking to one of the unicorns there. I'm still trying to find the piece of map. This world is very small so I'm making this update to tell you that I haven't joined the Armada! I really had nothing to blog about with this world other than getting a new Cool Ranch Windstone!

Edward Cringle's epic hit on Armada, got caught! 

After getting caught I received a quest for a windstone. I bet ye know what the windstone is for, if not... Cool Ranch! This type of quest is never easy ye know.. I met a new evil enemy though!


After defeating the Armada, I went back to talk to Steed.

That's it for this post. The next post will make a lot more sense, I'll make it to Cool Ranch. During Cool Ranch I'm not going to blog about every single little thing. I'm going to start blogging about boss battles or important things I think ye'll want/need to see. Even though this was confusing, I still hope ye read through and enjoyed it! I'll see ye around the Spiral!

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