June 29, 2013

I miss Diary of a Wizard!

Hello Wizards,

I've been thinking about the beginning years when I just found out about the community and how much fun it was to start off in the community. When I first started this blog I didn't have much followers because I was new for over a year at blogging but I remember when Diary of a Wizard followed my blog! I was very excited because they followed my blog and it made me feel like I was doing a great job. Since then, all of you amazing followers have followed my blog and I appreciate each and everyone of you for reading and following! Even if you don't follow that's okay, I'm glad you're reading. Diary of a Wizard also had huge parties called the Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash in honor of their Birthday and the community. During this huge party hundreds if not thousands of wizards got together in Ravenwood and had a huge party there and at houses at houses that other wizards houses because they were hosting. Not only did we party there were also huge prizes that they gave out each week up until the date and during the party also. It was so much fun and brings back so much great memories. I was lucky enough to make it to the first party thanks to my friend Mary Dreamshade. The first party started back in 2010 and lasted three years, this year would be the fourth year and I'm still hoping they will have one. It was a lot of fun and I'm guessing the biggest party on Wizard101. If you think you've been to a huge party.. well you haven't until you've been to one of these parties!

Picture of the 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash (2011)

Diary of a Wizard was such a great Wizard101 Fansite, I still consider it a Fansite because it was and still is a great community site with great owners. I know no one can view it anymore since its down.. but I really hope one day it is brought back and we can continue having these great parties and the great community leaders of this site in the spiral once again. I can't wait until the day this wonderful site is brought back! I'm pretty sure most of you know about this site. If you do please show your support and comment below telling Diary of a Wizard you support and miss them. Just scroll down a little bit to post your comment. Thank you so much for reading and thank you DOAW for all of your love and support.

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tatiana shadowflame said...

I miss them too, and as the august grows near, I find myself thinking that we just can't NOT have a ravenwood ball. DOAW was my first introduction to the community. I was on twitter, but not really a twizard yet. I met fallon farming oyotomi one day about three years ago. She recognized my name as a follower of hers and kind of introduced me to the community. If I hadn't found DOAW, and met its wonderful owner, I would probably not be the twizard I am today. Thank you Fallon and DOAW for that. You certainly are missed.