June 26, 2013

My Witchdoctor

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I've been extremely busy with real life and... leveling my Witchdoctor through Aquila! I'm still planning on questing on my swashbuckler but I'm trying to figure out a schedule and what kind of posts I'm going to make. I'll give ye an update on my swashbuckler in a few days... Now though, lets talk about my witchdoctor. Edward has leveled through Marleybone and is currently 1/4 or halfway through Aquila! I can't believe how difficult it can be though. I've had trouble with harpies.... don't get me started on that. Okay I'm going to start on harpies... I believe they are the strongest enemy on the game. I'm still worried to even fight them even though I've leveled a few times and trained many of my companions over 50 and close to 60. Recently I had to fight satyrs and these don't heal ye like the ones on Wizard101. They want to defeat all of the pirates that get in their way! Yesterday I got to fight ettin, I think they are hilarious! Every time you defeat them they have funny animations. Once ye pirates that haven't made it here to Aquila do make it, ye'll laugh because ye'll know what I'm talking about. I love questing on my Witchdoctor because I rarely die. I don't know if the Witchdoctor school is really that strong or if I'm thinking it but I believe the WD school is my favorite. I usually don't blog about my Witchdoctor unless I'm having trouble finding something to blog about. I do want all of you to know about my two pirates (or more pirates in the future) with their updates. Here's my advice of the day to all of the Witchdoctors out there that haven't trained any other school spells from the other schools. TRAIN Privateer! It (the heals) helps me out a lot when an enemy is about to defeat me and by the time I heal I have an attack and I'm ready to defeat... well, most of the time! The Privateer school will help you a lot, not only can you train healing spells you can also train spells that give your pirate more health! With me talking about my Witchdoctor and all of my other schools, it makes me wonder about all of ye pirates. If ye could pick one school on Pirate101, which one would ye pick to be yer favorite? Comment below! Thank ye for reading and I can't wait to make more random posts like this one! I can't wait to see all of yer favorite school also. See ye around the Spiral!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

My favorite class is Witchdoctor as well. I haven't trained anything on her though, except Light Armor. However, after fighting those Satyrs, I may take your advice and train some heals. They defeated me like 4 times! lol