June 14, 2013

Official Fansite?

Hi there,

Today on Twitter I noticed that a wizard asked if it was hard to become an official Fansite. I have submitted for Wizard101 Fansite before and I won't lie so I'll say yes! It is hard to submit for Wizard101 Official and Pirate101 Official. With Wizard101 I've had many troubles submitting and following guidelines (of course I know how to now though). Last November I was accepted for Pirate101 Fansite, it did take awhile though but I didn't mind that because I know if you keep trying hard at something you will accomplish anything! Even though its difficult to complete something at one time it doesn't mean you never will. Here's some tips to those wizards or pirates who are planning on submitting.

  • Follow Guidelines- You'll see that Wizard101 and Pirate101 fansite submissions have many guidelines, make sure you follow those before submitting your site. 
  • Family Friendly- Now... if you're using a lot of bad language and what not on your site I'm sure you won't be accepted as official. Please make sure you aren't doing that so you have a chance!
  • It's not about the gifts- I'm pretty sure most of you know that Fansite Owners do redeem gifts so they can take pictures of new bundles, gear, pets etc... I'll tell you now this is not about the gifts, I love all of the new crowns shop items (on Pirate101), but that doesn't mean I'm only blogging for gifts. Its not important to me. I love blogging for Pirate101 and Wizard101 because both are my favorite games and Kingsisle is my favorite game team! I am a Pirate101 Fansite owner but I know its not about the gifts, its much more than that. If I ever make Wizard101 Fansite, I promise you it'll always be the same from now until forever. :D I hope all of you reading who are planning on submitting your site follow that too.
  • It's difficult- Sometimes its difficult to update every week, or everyday (like I do). If you believe you won't be able to update everyday that's okay. Just make sure you follow the guideline by updating your site every 7 days/week. It is difficult but it's A LOT of fun and I hope to help more people more often with Pirate101 and Wizard101.
  • If you don't make it- It's okay if you don't make it the first time, you'll have other times to submit your site. Show dedication, I haven't really gave up on something that you'll see soon. You shouldn't give up on something if you really like to blog for the community(s).

I'm really glad I made official but to prove if one day I was taken off the list of Pirate101 Official, I would still blog about Pirate101 because I love the game and Kingsisle. Lol so.. I hope that answers your question a bit. You can see more of the Fansites by clicking on the images below..

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