June 9, 2013

WW fun with Ian and Autumn!

Hello Wizards!

I haven't made a blog post of what I actually do on Wizard101 when I'm not leveling in awhile. Yesterday I logged into Wizard101 with Ian Stormstaff and Autumn Dreamwalker to run through the Waterworks for gear. I think the waterworks gear might be the best in the game (for non-members), but I'm still glad we have this place to farm if we can't find any gear in different worlds or can't buy any from the crowns shop! To make farming better I actually won a robe, on my fire which is level 90, this robe was a level 54 robe with 18 damage and 100 health! Lol, okay that isn't too exciting. I did get a few mega snacks though. I believe Ian got skyscream boots, which are level 60 storm boots! Autumn didn't get much though.. that doesn't mean we won't run it again though!

Joking around with Ian :D Well maybe not, he kept hitting critical!
That had to hurt! Nice hit Ian :D
Using Sun Serpent on the last boss of the WW dungeon.
Does that hurt?
Autumn Dreamwalker using Sabertooth, EPIC!

Autumn Lifesong was also hitting strong hits with Spixysaur , spinosaur, Spynsoaur? LOL however you spell that, if you know how to please comment below. Anyways, that spell is VERY strong and anyone who thinks life is weak should think twice. You never know what life wizards are capable of with that spell. Oh you shouldn't be calling life weak in the first place or you wouldn't even be alive during battles! I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll probably start doing this more often with Wizard101 AND Pirate101. :D See you around the Spiral!

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