July 30, 2013

My Surprise Birthday Party!

Hi there,

I'm sure by now you're wondering where I was the past few days right? Well I've been celebrating my Birthday with my family and friends. :) This Birthday was probably my favorite one ever or in many years. I had so much to do on my Birthday.. I got to eat Cake. Oh there was cake, AND more cake :D Not to mention a Birthday party in real life and on the game. I'm glad I have so many great friends out there because after an entire day of a lot of fun I logged onto Twitter and Autumn Dreamwalker (One who hosted the party) told me to log onto Wizard101 to see a glitch in her house. I remember seeing her North Pole house last Friday and I knew it was going to be a great glitch. To my surprise I found out it wasn't a glitch at all when I ported..!

I was very surprised because I never had someone throw me a surprise party on the game before. It was awesome and really I was speechless so I hope I didn't make anyone think I didn't like it because I really LOVED it. :) As you see above most of the party was Christmas Themed which meant the picture above was at her North Pole house and Autumn was giving away Yuletide packs away with Trivia. It was pretty awesome! I was also giving away packs and I love giving and its okay if I don't receive anything in return. I'm just happy that so many people showed up and I had a great time. There's so many pictures so I'm going to end this blog post now and have a bunch of a pictures that you can view below. Thank you so much everyone for showing up to my party and making my Birthday very special and to those who couldn't show up that's okay, I'm still happy that I'm in this community and all of you are my friends. :)

Thank you again Autumn, Ian and everyone for a great Birthday party to remember! :) 

July 26, 2013

Best Dressed Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates,

So many of you have great fashion, but I had to choose a few of you to win these great prizes from Kingsisle. Thank you all for entering this contest, I hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I did. If you didn't win this contest you shouldn't worry! There will be plenty of contests in the future. :D I hope ya'll enter those as well. Now for the winners.... drum roll...!

Grand Prize Winner
Roslyn Nightingale, Level 12 Swashbuckler
Permanent Pennyfarthing Mount
Black Rain Shades
10k Crowns

1st Prize Winner
Noble Edward Burke
Black Rain Shades + 2,500 Crowns
Two 7 day Rental Pennyfarthing Mounts + 2,000 Crowns

2nd Prize Winner
Hasty Taylor, Level 12 Witchdoctor
Two 7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mounts + 2,000 Crowns

3rd Prize Winner
7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mount + 1,000 Crowns

4th Prize Winner
Cedric Young, Level 65 Musketeer
7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mount + 1,000 Crowns

Thank you everyone for entering! This was a very fun contest and the very first contest where I was the only judge. I believe all of your gear was very nice and if you didn't win that doesn't mean I don't like your gear, it only means I'm limited on the amount of winners. Thank you all for entering and don't worry I'll have plenty of other contests throughout the year. :D I'll email the winners through email, expect an email with your codes from: edwardfrostgem@gmail.com

July 25, 2013

Wizard101's Christmas in July!

Hello Wizards!

As you may have heard, Kingsisle has announced Yuletide in July. From now until July 28th (my birthday), Kingsisle is celebrating Christmas (Yuletide) In July with Holiday decorations, Holiday mounts, pets and much more! There are so many great holiday items returning that I can't even name them all. Wizard101 is also letting everyone have a free item out of 10 holiday items. You'll have a chance to win a Reindeer Sleigh Mount! Click on Edward Lifegem for more information!

Pirate101's Christmas in July!

Ahoy Pirates!

Merry Christmas, in July! Now through July 28th (my Birthday) Pirate101 is celebrating Christmas in July. Kingsisle has brought back Holiday items such as the Yule Trogg Companion, Holiday Weapons and Holiday housing items. Not only have they brought back the companions and holiday items they are also giving away a free item. Click on Boochbeard for more information on that. Thank you Kingsisle for the early Birthday present :D Well it wasn't for me but it feels like it is since my Birthday is Sunday!

July 23, 2013

Scorpion Rock

Howdy Pirates!

On my last Edward Cringle post I had to take Merriweather Clark back to his house to find out more information on where Marco Pollo's map is kept and he needed his father's charts and notes to track down that information. I had to fight Johnny Ringo since he was in the way! After I defeated him I talked to Merriweather and he told me Marco Pollo's map is in a cave under Scorpion Rock in the Big Sky Country.. I sailed to Scorpion Rock, a place I didn't want to sail, and decided to ask Autumn Walker for help since I don't like scorpions.

Shooting a Scorpion that tried to attack me!
Autumn's awesome hit on 5 of the Scorpions (you can't even see them)!
This will be a easy fight with help from Autumn!
Nice hits Autumn!
I bet that hurt!
After defeating the queen I found out more information about the Marco Pollo Map...

I guess a pirate named Captain Blood has taken the map? I guess we'll have to talk to Merriweather Clark about this letter tomorrow won't we? :P Thanks for reading everyone. I can't wait to make the post tomorrow to see what Merriweather is going to say. See ya'll around the Spiral!

July 22, 2013

Fighting Johnny Ringo!

Howdy Pirates!

Yesterday I finally rescued Merriweather Clark from the Bison. I say he's caused a lot of damage and there's no way possible he could have done all of this alone. He should be happy I was sent to find him! :D Anyways... After all of the questing I rescued him and asked him about the Map piece and now I have to sail back to Cooper's Roast to his house to search through his father's papers and charts to see if we can find out more information on the location of this map piece!

I have a bad feeling about this!
Uh oh, I was right on my bad feeling... Time to fight!
That's right, show these minions who's boss!
Wow Johnny Ringo, I'm so sorry Bonnie! We'll get our payback!
Ouch, there's the payback! :D

After my companions and I finally defeated Johnny Ringo, It was time to find Merriweather?? Wait a minute... Didn't I save him? I wonder why he fled and didn't help me. Hmm... I guess that's part of the job!

I don't like the sound of this... So I'll end the post here! I don't think I'm going to like Scorpion Rock (mostly because that's my 2nd worst fear, snakes first and then scorpions).. I guess we'll have to to blog about that tomorrow? Bleh.. Wish me luck! I'm pretty sure I'll need it. I'll see ya'll around the Spiral!

July 21, 2013

Pirate101 Best Dressed Contest (Update Post)

Ahoy Pirates,

On July 12th I announced a new contest, Best Dressed Contest, where you show off your pirate fashion by getting your best gear and taking a picture and sending it to my email.. With this contest you have a chance to win Crowns, a Permanent Mount and Black Rain Shades! I wanted to make this contest update so everyone knows about this great contest that I'm having thanks to Kingsisle. :) Read below for steps on entering the contest and more information on when the contest ends.

Step 1: Take a Picture

Once you have your gear ready and you're ready to take a picture, take a picture by clicking on the PRT SC button on your keyboard. Before you take your picture press CTRL G. If you're going to take a picture of your Pirate on the Pirate101 log in screen you won't have to press CTRL G. I'm only accepting one picture so please don't send me more than one picture of your pirate.

Step 2: Send the picture to my Email

After you're done taking your picture please send your entry to my email


When does this contest end?

This contest ends July 26th 2013 at 12:00 P.M. CST, I will not accept anymore entries after that time. Make sure to send in your entry soon since the contest ends this coming Friday.

How many Winners and what can I win?

Grand Prize Winner:
Pernament Pennyfarthing Mount
Black Rain Shades
10,000 Crowns 

1st Prize Winner:
Black Rain Shades+ 2,500 Crowns
Two 7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mounts (1,000 Crowns per Code)

2nd Prize Winner: 
Two 7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mounts (1,000 Crowns per Code)

3rd Prize Winner:
7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mount + 1,000 Crowns

4th Prize Winner:
7 Day Rental Pennyfarthing Mount + 1,000 Crowns

Pennyfarthing Mount, Black Rain Shades

Black Rain Shades- Level 50 Item (talents)

Merriweather Clark

Howdy Pirates!

Yesterday when questing on Edward Cringle I had to find and collect sacred charms. First I had to battle Red Sash Ships so I could collect information on a way to Hidden Valley Ranch, their hideout. After I did that I made it to the Hidden Valley Ranch which is a dungeon. I didn't know if I could fight through the entire dungeon so I had help from Autumn Walker. After it was all said and done I finally collected the Sacred Charms and now its time to take them back to the Bison Chief!

Seven storms told me that I had to go to the Bison Burial Ground to return the Sacred Charms. There's going to be spirits that will resist me but I think I can manage this one. :D Ghosts can't do too much damage right? :)

Time to start the dungeon! :D

Mission: Return the four sacred charms to four graves.. Defeat all of the spirits that are angry with me.

That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be difficult like the last dungeon, Hidden Valley Ranch, it wasn't though. Looks like I should get back to Seven Storms to tell him the good news and free Merriweather Clark!

That was a lot of questing and I'm sure you'll agree that I had a lot of pictures on this post! Lol. Well I have to remember now why I'm in Cool Ranch, I'm here looking for a piece of THE Map. We'll continue on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow. :D