July 8, 2013

Around the Spiral's Social Networks to like and follow!

Hi there!

Recently I've been busy with contests and leveling on Wizard101/Pirate101 that I didn't have time to make this post. For some time I have had social networks that I share my new blog posts on when published a few minutes after and I tell everyone when I'm having contests or when I'm going to hide codes (like I am on my find-a-code contest). IF you would like to, I have an official Facebook and Twitter you can follow for any updates on my blog. Click on the pictures to the right for a link to Around the Spiral's Facebook and Twitter. If you click the top one that'll lead you to Around the Spiral's FB, and the bottom Around the Spiral's Twitter!

July 10th Code, Posted at 11:42 A.M. CST- Good for a Permanent Pennyfarthing mount + 2,500 Crowns!


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