July 1, 2013

Edward Cringle starts questing through Cool Ranch!

Howdy Pirates!

After long thought, I decided to continue my frequent blog posts with Edward Cringle's questing. I decided to do this because I don't want to get ahead of myself one day and see a lot of questions asked where exactly I am. I'd like to keep this series of posts going so ya'll enjoy without any question! I'm probably the only pirate that's confused on where exactly I am on questing and why I made it to Cool Ranch. No worries though, this usually happens if I haven't quested awhile on a certain character. I promise future posts will have a lot more detail; this time I'm going to post a lot of pictures! I completed Valencia about a month ago, so its time to continue my adventure!

Sailing to Cool Ranch! I'm a proud Pirate!
After sailing to Cool Ranch I had to get my first quest! I think its time I talk like a cowboy right?

So far it seems easy, only talking and no fighting?! I'll take that. I love me some easy experience!

Well that's a nice way to say Howdy! I'm hoping you don't say that about everyone someone is looking for Jane. Wow! Okay, time to go talk to Mr. Clark's son.. Or maybe not? There's a letter? What will happen next? Oh okay, I'm only kidding! On the next post I'll read the letter below and we'll beginning questing again. Thank you for reading/viewing this post, I can't wait to make more posts for ya'll to enjoy! 

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