July 22, 2013

Fighting Johnny Ringo!

Howdy Pirates!

Yesterday I finally rescued Merriweather Clark from the Bison. I say he's caused a lot of damage and there's no way possible he could have done all of this alone. He should be happy I was sent to find him! :D Anyways... After all of the questing I rescued him and asked him about the Map piece and now I have to sail back to Cooper's Roast to his house to search through his father's papers and charts to see if we can find out more information on the location of this map piece!

I have a bad feeling about this!
Uh oh, I was right on my bad feeling... Time to fight!
That's right, show these minions who's boss!
Wow Johnny Ringo, I'm so sorry Bonnie! We'll get our payback!
Ouch, there's the payback! :D

After my companions and I finally defeated Johnny Ringo, It was time to find Merriweather?? Wait a minute... Didn't I save him? I wonder why he fled and didn't help me. Hmm... I guess that's part of the job!

I don't like the sound of this... So I'll end the post here! I don't think I'm going to like Scorpion Rock (mostly because that's my 2nd worst fear, snakes first and then scorpions).. I guess we'll have to to blog about that tomorrow? Bleh.. Wish me luck! I'm pretty sure I'll need it. I'll see ya'll around the Spiral!

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