July 19, 2013


Ahoy Pirates!

Its time to get excited, ye know why? Well Edward Cringle is back! I have quested a few hours on Pirate101 today on Edward Cringle and I have quite a few posts I have planned to make. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much about him lately. I'm glad I can finally blog about my adventures throughout Cool Ranch again. I think yer in for a surprise with this post. I don't remember the last post but I'm going to start off on a fresh start again and continue blogging I'm hoping everyday! :D

On the last post I had to find Merriweather Clark, all that was left on his house was a letter *no idea what it said* but as of today I'm searching for Merriweather Clark to save him! I believe he's in trouble so I had to hurry and sail to the Big Sky to a island called Elder Bluff. Its believed Bison has taken him. I guess its time to quest? :D

How rude! I'm beginning to think everyone here dislikes Pirates..! Time to fight.

Epic spell I cast, I believe it was a heal after I defeated the first set of guys!
The second round of guys was not easy to defeat... This resulted in my defeat!
I went back in to show him them who's boss though! :D

Well we're not going to talk to him just yet. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to do that! I'm glad I'm back and blogging about my in-game adventures and hope you enjoyed this blog post. I'll see ye tomorrow. What do ye think Merriweather Clark is going to say about all of this?

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