July 21, 2013

Merriweather Clark

Howdy Pirates!

Yesterday when questing on Edward Cringle I had to find and collect sacred charms. First I had to battle Red Sash Ships so I could collect information on a way to Hidden Valley Ranch, their hideout. After I did that I made it to the Hidden Valley Ranch which is a dungeon. I didn't know if I could fight through the entire dungeon so I had help from Autumn Walker. After it was all said and done I finally collected the Sacred Charms and now its time to take them back to the Bison Chief!

Seven storms told me that I had to go to the Bison Burial Ground to return the Sacred Charms. There's going to be spirits that will resist me but I think I can manage this one. :D Ghosts can't do too much damage right? :)

Time to start the dungeon! :D

Mission: Return the four sacred charms to four graves.. Defeat all of the spirits that are angry with me.

That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be difficult like the last dungeon, Hidden Valley Ranch, it wasn't though. Looks like I should get back to Seven Storms to tell him the good news and free Merriweather Clark!

That was a lot of questing and I'm sure you'll agree that I had a lot of pictures on this post! Lol. Well I have to remember now why I'm in Cool Ranch, I'm here looking for a piece of THE Map. We'll continue on that tomorrow. Thanks for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow. :D

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