July 20, 2013


Howdy Pirates!

Last time when I quested with my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle, I had to find Merriweather Clark on the island of Elder Bluff in the Big Sky. I fought a bunch of bison and finally found out Clark apparently robbed the graves of the Bison's ancestors, he stole Sacred Charms. Seven Storms said when the spirits are at peace Clark can go free. Before that happens I have to find the Sacred Charms!

Looks like its time to fight Red Sash Ships! This should be easy :D

I usually don't collect the first round of ship battles... of any battles actually! I was surprised :D 

I had a dungeon and I needed help from Autumn Walker! :)
Hitting a critical attack on a Red Sash Thug!

This dungeon would have been very difficult if I didn't have any help. I remember from past characters. I thought I could defeat it alone but I kept thinking if I died during this I wouldn't have had time to make this blog post today. I'm very glad I asked for help. :) If you have any doubt about a quest and you have friends you should ask for help! Ask nicely though, if you beg they may not help you. Thanks again Autumn for the help :D

I think we should take the sacred charms back to the Bison Chief tomorrow! I hope ya'll enjoyed this post. I'm going to try to make Edward Cringle blog posts everyday so if you're new to this blog, click on the Edward Cringle label above (between the date and comments). :) See ya'll around the Spiral.

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