July 30, 2013

My Surprise Birthday Party!

Hi there,

I'm sure by now you're wondering where I was the past few days right? Well I've been celebrating my Birthday with my family and friends. :) This Birthday was probably my favorite one ever or in many years. I had so much to do on my Birthday.. I got to eat Cake. Oh there was cake, AND more cake :D Not to mention a Birthday party in real life and on the game. I'm glad I have so many great friends out there because after an entire day of a lot of fun I logged onto Twitter and Autumn Dreamwalker (One who hosted the party) told me to log onto Wizard101 to see a glitch in her house. I remember seeing her North Pole house last Friday and I knew it was going to be a great glitch. To my surprise I found out it wasn't a glitch at all when I ported..!

I was very surprised because I never had someone throw me a surprise party on the game before. It was awesome and really I was speechless so I hope I didn't make anyone think I didn't like it because I really LOVED it. :) As you see above most of the party was Christmas Themed which meant the picture above was at her North Pole house and Autumn was giving away Yuletide packs away with Trivia. It was pretty awesome! I was also giving away packs and I love giving and its okay if I don't receive anything in return. I'm just happy that so many people showed up and I had a great time. There's so many pictures so I'm going to end this blog post now and have a bunch of a pictures that you can view below. Thank you so much everyone for showing up to my party and making my Birthday very special and to those who couldn't show up that's okay, I'm still happy that I'm in this community and all of you are my friends. :)

Thank you again Autumn, Ian and everyone for a great Birthday party to remember! :) 

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