July 12, 2013

My thoughts on Wizard101's Aquila

Hello Wizards!

You don't have to worry. This is far from a rant post! Its actually a thank you post to Kingsisle. I'm very glad Kingsisle released a fun world that most wizards can participate in and there's no need to worry about leveling quickly to be on time for the next level cap world. I was expecting this world to have a new level cap but it doesn't. It does have so many things I've been wanting for so long! I've been playing on the test realm for more than 4 hours (longest I've played on the test realm since Zafaria), I couldn't believe all of the new great things they've released. New Gear, Minions for all schools, pets, epicness. We also get to farm a boss in Dragonspyre for new spells! I'm glad Kingsisle added this world because it gives them more time to work on the next level cap (90-100). This update also gives us time to farm for gold, new epic gear/weapons, pets, and new spells. I have to say I love everything single thing about Wizard101's Aquila and I don't see one problem with it. It looks like after so many years all of my, STOP KI, you're releasing the worlds way too fast to anyone to level, is behind me and I'm thinking of the bright future. I wasn't really trying to be rude, I just thought the 6 month time release was way too fast. This time KI waited about 8-9 months to release Aquila and its a side world? I think its turning out to be like old times, which is great! I can't wait until this world is released to the live game. If anyone complains, they are just upset that KI is too epic to release a world every second. :P They should take their time, the more time they take.. the more polished their next update will be. Okay... Well, that's my thoughts on Aquila. I'll talk more about this new world once its released to the live game. :D See ya'll around the Spiral.

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Unknown said...

I agree to a certain point. I believe people rush due to subscriptions or pre-paid cards time running out. (Before you mount my head on a pike hear me out) a lot of people, not all, are having difficult money issues when it comes to wizard101 (which is why i do pay by play).