July 20, 2013

Never give away your password! (Fake Kingsisle Employees)

Hi there,

I wanted to make a blog post that I should have made long ago. As you know there are people out in the spiral acting like Kingsisle promising gifts or updates to the game in return of your password. This is NOT true. Everyone should know Kingsisle warns everyone not to give away their password or they'll lose their wizards or pirates forever. They are warning you so you can keep your wizards/pirates so you can continue to enjoy the game. Once you give away your password you should consider your account gone. I've noticed that recently someone has been pretending to act like me with the same name (Edward Lifegem), and has acted like they work with Kingsisle. He has been promising crowns, gifting in game, updates to the game in exchange for everyone's password. This is FAKE. All they are going to do is take your account. Kingsisle doesn't ask for your passwords and neither would I. Please don't fall into their trap. If you see someone acting like Kingsisle on the game report them to Kingsisle. If you see them acting like Kingsisle on social networks don't give them your password, warn everyone about them so everyone knows. Kingsisle has their own badge in the game to show they are Kingsisle (Look at the right of the post- The top Pirate101 and Bottom Wizard101). If you see someone pretending to be Kingsisle ask them to show you their badge. If they ask for your password and don't show you their badge you should know its too good to be true! Please be careful in the Spiral and I hope this post helps everyone. And just to tell everyone again... I don't work at Kingsisle and if I did I wouldn't be doing this. I live far away from Kingsisle which is in Texas. There's no way I could work there. ~the real Edward Lifegem


ThatFrostweaver said...

TMI with the Missouri part but if we are playing the telling what state you live in game let me say mine.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks, I decided to remove where I live and just say far away from Kingsisle. :)