July 18, 2013

Pirate101 School Themed Houses, Gifting, Yum-n-ade and much more!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Kingsisle released so many great things that I can't even blog about all of them. So I picked a few things to blog about.. Gifting, the new Pirate101 school houses and Ryan the RelentlessYum-n-ade. Kingsisle never fails to impress me with their major updates on Pirate101 but this one was beyond what I was expecting!

Pirate101 Themed Houses

Pirate101 released school themed houses with this huge update. There's a Pirate101 school themed house for each school: Witchdoctor, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, Privateer and Musketeer. These school houses cost 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold in the Crowns Shop. So far I've explored three of these houses and I really do love them. I've explored the Witchdoctor house (as seen above), the Privateer house and the Swashbuckler house. This is the craziest/best houses I've seen on both Wizard101 and Pirate101. If you didn't know by now, usually Kingsisle releases PvP houses with Bundles. This time it was different; there's PvP in every single one of these houses! If you have a house full of party guests and want something to do while showing off your new house.. you can PvP! These houses are really nice houses and I'm pretty sure every Pirate love them! Thank you Kingsisle for these wonderful houses. You can also enjoy a new teleporter that you can use to teleport between each of your houses! The teleporters costs 2,500 Crowns.. (look below). The teleporter below is only one of the eight teleporters!


Kingsisle also added gifting to this update! You can gift a friend by clicking on the crowns shop icon at the top left corner of your screen. Once you're in the Crowns Shop you can click the gift icon if its highlighted red and white. If its grey then you can't gift that item to a friend! Gifting is such a great idea for packs or even pets as you see above! Thank you Kingsisle for adding gifting. Now to tell everyone nicely, if you're planning on asking for a gift ask nicely the first. If they say no, its not the end of the world(s)! Please don't beg because that does get annoying and no one will end up gifting you. That's just a little bit of advice from me. Otherwise... I hope you enjoy gifting! This is another update I'm glad Kingsisle added to the game!

Ryan's Yum-n-ade

A few days ago Kingsisle made a blog post, Ryan The Relentless, Kingsisle invited Ryan through the Make-A-Wish organization to Kingsisle. Ryan has cancer and his escape is Pirate101, which is his favorite online game! Kingsisle invited him down to visit the offices of Kingsisle/Pirate101 and they invited him to look around and work with the Kingsisle team. This is the nicest thing I've ever heard a game company do! Before I was done reading the blog post, I noticed that Kingsisle tricked Ryan into saying a few lines and surprised him with something everyone reading would love. To be in the game! They made a Yum-n-ade stand just for him in Skull Island and each time you go up to Ryan the Relentless you'll hear Ryan and the lines Kingsisle gave him. This is very nice. I'm glad Kingsisle let him do that I'm positive all of his wishes and more came true just for that. Ryan the Relentless is in Skull Island and each time you visit him, you'll have to pay 100-200 gold and you'll get to restore your health if you've just been defeated in battle. 

And much more!

Click the image above for more updates Kingsisle added to the game such as Mini-Game Kiosks where you can play mini-games in your own house! Unstitching for the gear you wish to unstitch gear you don't want to be stitched anymore (I know I have a few gears I need to unstitch today). Kingsisle has also made a few more crowns shop updates such as a Long Term Boost elixir if you're tired of refueling your ship and would rather have a potion that'll give you unlimited boost on your Pirate ship. This potion costs 2,500 Crowns and lasts for 10 hours of gameplay! If you'd like to read more, don't forget to click on the image above. Thank you again KI for the great updates!


Maxwell Mondress said...

Where did you see the witchdoctor pvp arena.

Edward Lifegem said...

I was only in the Witchdoctor house once yesterday, but I'll try to give you as much detail as possible so you can find it. Its in a cave, go through the tree tunnel as seen above in the picture, and keep searching through the cave and you should find the PvP area. Its surrounded by waterfalls and rock. Just keep looking and you'll find it :)