July 23, 2013

Scorpion Rock

Howdy Pirates!

On my last Edward Cringle post I had to take Merriweather Clark back to his house to find out more information on where Marco Pollo's map is kept and he needed his father's charts and notes to track down that information. I had to fight Johnny Ringo since he was in the way! After I defeated him I talked to Merriweather and he told me Marco Pollo's map is in a cave under Scorpion Rock in the Big Sky Country.. I sailed to Scorpion Rock, a place I didn't want to sail, and decided to ask Autumn Walker for help since I don't like scorpions.

Shooting a Scorpion that tried to attack me!
Autumn's awesome hit on 5 of the Scorpions (you can't even see them)!
This will be a easy fight with help from Autumn!
Nice hits Autumn!
I bet that hurt!
After defeating the queen I found out more information about the Marco Pollo Map...

I guess a pirate named Captain Blood has taken the map? I guess we'll have to talk to Merriweather Clark about this letter tomorrow won't we? :P Thanks for reading everyone. I can't wait to make the post tomorrow to see what Merriweather is going to say. See ya'll around the Spiral!

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