July 5, 2013

Wizard101 and Pirate101 aren't free because....?

Hi there,

There's always questions floating around the spiral and I decided to pick one that I've seen a lot lately. Why aren't the games Wizard101 & Pirate101 free? We have to remember they are free-to-play which means free to download and play a bit. This is awesome because you get to try it out before you even have to pay for it. If you've ever bought video games, you can look at it on the internet but you can't really try it out yourself until you buy it. Sometimes after someone buys a video game (anything actually), sometimes they don't like it and that means they have to return it or deal with it. With the Kingsisle games, you get to try it out before you buy it; I'm sure everyone loves the games once they try it out because that's why this certain question is floating around because they are very nice games. I am glad they aren't free! If they were free... well they wouldn't even last a minute because they have to pay bills (I'm pretty sure the electricity bill is HIGH), they have to buy computers/hardware, all employees have to be payed so they can continue to help and improve the games. Its going to be like this for the rest of our lives because nothing will be free... well sometimes there are free things but not always! We want Kingsisle to continue many years.. decades... centuries? Millenniums? LOL Well however long it lasts... which I'm sure will last quite sometime... I'm sure one day everyone will realize why we had to pay in the first place.


D.S. Devereaux said...

Nabbed the code! :) Thanks!

M ASED AHMED said...

where to find the code give me a hint

M ASED AHMED said...

where to find code

Edward Lifegem said...

I publish one code each day around the blog at a certain time. Tomorrow I'm going to publish a code that gives Black Rain Shades and 2,500 Crowns.. Click on the link for more information and good luck! :) http://www.edwardlifegem.com/2013/07/find-code-contest.html

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