August 30, 2013

Edward Hawkins Update

Ahoy Pirates!

Remember when I created a new Musketeer about two months ago named Edward Hawkins? Well recently I've been leveling him with Autumn Walker's musketeer. :D Its been a lot of fun leveling with Autumn. You probably won't believe this but a few days ago Autumn and I was online for 8-9 HOURS during the day. I took a break for about an 45 minutes of it but that's a crazy amount of time and I haven't spent that much time online since 2011 on Wizard101. I had a great time leveling though and we're getting far in a short amount of time! I haven't leveled Captain Edward Hawkins for about a month and a half after I created him but we just started a couple of weeks ago and got to level 8. In the last few days we went from level 8 to level 17 (almost level 18) and we're now in Cool Ranch! Here's a few quest pictures. :{D

Alexander Lionheart.... we've joined the Armada!! 
Autumn, here's the glitch I wanted to show you! LOL
Sailing to Cool Ranch on Autumn's ship!

We're doing great so far and can't wait until we're level 65. I have a feeling that we will be level 65 soon! We're questing in Cool Ranch and I'm already remembering some Edward Cringle posts I've made LOL. Talking about Edward Cringle... I'm planning on making a new post tomorrow so make sure to look for it.. I know, random! :P That's how I am. :D Okay, thanks for reading and I promise I'll make another update post once we've quested a bit.. I might make another one once we enter Mooshu!

Wizard Hall of Fame is Tomorrow!

Hello Wizards,

Have you heard? The Wizard Hall of Fame is tomorrow! There will be a bunch of awesome, well known wizards there! This is a reminder so everyone knows to attend. You will no longer need a ticket to come to this awesome event so make sure you get there before the house fills up. Its going to be fun and I hope to see all of you there. This event will be hosted by Hunter MythVault, Chase LifeCaster and Timothy LegendSword! There will be appearances by Kelsey Fireheart, Ian Stormstaff and myself. If you'd like to see more information just click on the Legends of the Spiral party information page to the right. :D

Project What's Your Name

Ahoy Pirates!

Autumn Dreamwalker from Secrets of the Spiral created a very cool project where everyone who plays Pirate101 and Wizard101 can convert their names so everyone knows both their Wizard and Pirate names. I'm not going to lie, I've had many trouble remembering friends names from Wizard101 which meant I didn't really know who I was talking to unless their name was similar to their wizards name. Its nice to have something new where if I forget who's on my list I can search their name up on Autumn's site to see if I know them or not. If you've never played Wizard101 and plan to you can look up our names and you'll know who our wizards are.. This works for both games which is pretty epic! :D Thank you Autumn for creating this great project. If you would like to learn more about this awesome project click on the image in the upper right corner!

August 29, 2013

Wizard101 Raffle Contest Update

Hello Wizards,

I told you weeks ago that I'd make a contest update post so its not too confusing on the game when you redeem your gifts IF you win my Wizard101 Raffle Contest. I trust that you will not pretend to be anyone so you can get a free gift.. If you do you'll be banned from entering my major Wizard101 Contest! This post is only for the winners of the contest which will be announced tomorrow and the winners will be gifted the next day (Saturday August 31st at 4:00 P.M. CST-if you're busy please email me, only if you're VERY busy. I want to try to gift everyone in one day). Here's more information you'll need to know:

  • Don't Complain: If you win a prize, please don't complain that I'm taking too long. Its hard doing gifting contest- had trouble in the past- but I really wanted to have this Wizard101 Contest since I haven't had a Wizard101 Contest in so long. I'll gift you just please don't complain.
  • Don't Pretend: Don't Pretend to be someone else, if you do, I'll make sure you won't participate in the next Wizard101 Contest which will be an epic contest! If I see more than two people telling me they won, I'll find out who really won by asking them to email me with the email they entered with.
  • I'll Gift Everyone: I will give everyone who won the prizes by announcing the winners on my ice wizard, Edward Wintergem that's level 75. For Example: Edward Cringle, you won this prize.. please come up to me if you're the winner. Or I could just say first prize winner if you entered with your real name. I don't want everyone crowding me. I need time to gift and don't want to be crowded by everyone wanting their gifts. I might gift a different way- last prize winners first and then to the First Prize.. we'll see. If you have any questions just comment below!
  • If you can't arrive: If you can't arrive and you win the Raffle, please email me telling me you can't arrive today so I can gift you another day of your choice. I promise I will gift you but it has to be a time I'm available also so we'll discuss that through email ( 

MEET ME (Edward Wintergem): On the Rainbow Bridge 

Realm: Vampire Area One

Wizard101 5th Birthday Celebration!

Hello Wizards,

I know a lot of you are in school and don't know this but when you get home you'll notice a phoenix flying around the commons in Wizard101 along with Birthday Decorations, new mounts and new statues in houses that shoots confetti! Yes, Wizard101's 5th Birthday is coming up and they're giving everyone presents to celebrate! I started Wizard101 in 2009 so that means they gifted me a new mount. I know its not the moons and stars one but I feel like they made older players feel special again and I'm happy they did that. I've played for awhile and I really do love Wizard101 and I'm happy they're showing that they love us too. If you'd like to know what you can get for free click on this link. Since I started in 2009, I got a Frontier Dragon, Auric Dragon Stone (shoots confetti) and of course the Confetti Cannon.

My new Mount, Frontier Dragon Mount
My new Auric Dragon Stone, Confetti Cannon and Mount!
If you look closely, you'll see a phoenix flying around the WC Commons!

Thank you Wizard101 for so many awesome years, You should know everyone loves your game and I hope you continue for MANY more years. If you would like to learn more about Wizard101's 5th Birthday just click on the image below. Wizard101 has a new crown shop items, sales and much more going on now through the 30th of September. I hope to see you on the game celebrating as much as I'm going to celebrate. :D

August 27, 2013

Arrrgust Week Four (New Mount and Pet)

Ahoy Pirates,

Kingsisle added a new mount and pet to the crowns shop for the last week of Arrrgust! The new mount, a Gryphon Mount, and new pet, Minotaur pet are shown to the right. This is pretty awesome and this new mount and pet looks awesome and I can't wait to buy them on the game. :D Are you planning on buying them and need advice from me? Well.. I would say... GO FOR IT! I think this new mount and pet will make all of us pirates look pretty epic. If you would like more information about this last week of  Arrrgust, click on the image to the right.

August 25, 2013

Edward Lifegem finishes Zafaria!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I posted about my life wizard finally making it to a different area in Zafaria.. Well.. I'm not longer in Zafaria! I made it to Avalon but I'm not going to tell everyone reading exactly where I am in Avalon. Thanks to Autumn Dreamwalker and Ian Stormstaff I leveled nearly four levels in a matter of two days. I think this is crazy but I'm very happy I'm finally progressing on my character since its been a year since I really leveled through areas. I know I said I wasn't going to make anymore updates but I decided to make update posts each time I finish a world. You should expect two more, Avalon and Azteca. Okay... its time for..... PICTURES of the last dungeon of Zafaria! :D

Fighting the main bosses of Mirror Lake with Autumn
That looks painful!
Talk to the Paw!
Forest Lord is angry today! Everyday! :D
Autumn casting Sandstorm. :D
Forest Lord again... This time he killed all of the spiders with a critical. :P
Picture with Autumns after we finished the dungeon :{D

Thank you so much Autumn for helping me with this dungeon and thank you both, Autumn and Ian, for helping me get this far. I can't believe I'm questing like I did a long time ago, but I do miss Pirate101 and its time to stop questing so much and go on Pirate101 during the weekdays. No worries though, I'm still going to make Wizard101 posts, just not as much as I have lately. Thanks for reading everyone. Wish me luck on my questing throughout Avalon!

Edward Lifegem beginning to quest through Avalon

200th Post (Edward Cringle)

Howdy Pirates!

I really wanted to name today's post 200th post. This post is my 200th post this year, yes I usually post a lot and I try to post everyday. I think I've posted every single week on my blog this year even during times I couldn't blog at all. I'm glad I've made this many posts this year and I will have plenty of other posts. I make these posts for you! All of you are special to me, this counts wizards too. Thank you for being the awesome readers I know you are and I hope to continue to read my blog and stay with me on many more adventures on both games. Now.. It's time to talk about Edward Cringle. :D On my last post I only made a small update of what was happening since I had a lot of pictures I took and didn't want to post all of the pictures on one post. I also talk to Don Rodrigo/El Toro and asked him if he knew anything about Captain Blood's Lair. He told me only his father knew and that his father died. He told me that a Bison called, Eagle Caller. I have to talk to him to find out the location of Tonka since he may know something about Captain Blood's Lair.

Time to find Tonga.. but first... :D

I'm bought a new ship! :D Time to sail in style. :D
NO. Time to battle a few ships so I can get on that.. fancy Canoe. I mean terrible!
I had to defeat four Darkmoor Ships so I could get on the Silver Stallion 
I had to put out fires since the boss was immune to all of our attacks!
After we put the fires out it was time to defeat his fish minions.
After I defeated the minions he was there. He doesn't look well!

I guess that's it, I told you I had a lot of pictures! Image what the post would look like if I included the pictures from yesterday! I'm trying to figure out a way to make my posts a little better without including all of the pictures but I see a lot of you are reading my posts so that should be a good sign that I'm not doing bad and I shouldn't change anything. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this random but very long post! :D Stay safe in the skyways!

August 24, 2013

Edward Lifegem starts questing again!

Hello Wizards,

Its been awhile since I quested on my life characters. Too long.. I really wanted to start questing again though since my blog is based off of my life character (Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem). I know Pirates read my blog also but I can't change my blog name to anything else since this was my first great blog name. I do love Pirate101 but it'll remain this way forever, and I do base most of my new posts off of my 2nd character on Pirate101, Edward Cringle, so that's what pirates get. :D Okay back to my life character's questing... I decided to do bet myself I'll get to level 90 before the end of September on Twitter since I was feeling bad I wasn't leveling him at all. I've been doing great with the help of good friends, Autumn Dreamwalker and Ian Stormstaff. So far I leveled two levels and I just bet myself last night! I was level 71 when I started and now I'm level 73 and still planning to level a bit tonight. I think I'm doing great and I'll make it to level 90 soon! If you tell me life is weak, well you're completely WRONG! You need life to live on your other wizards so don't even tell me that. :P You know me and pictures d I do have a few pictures I wanted to post of my questing this morning that I decided to take to show you how I was doing during questing with my friends. I did quest alone and did a bunch of side quests I missed in recent worlds. I'm in Zafaria now but I believe I'll be out of this world soon.

Side Questing in Wintertusk
BAM! Back on the main questline  (Dungeon) with the help of Autumn! :)
Autumn using her Sabertooth on the first boss!
Picture with Autumn after we finished the dungeon!

I finished an area and a dungeon that I would have been stuck on until 2020 if Autumn didn't help. I thank her so much for helping me through these areas! I know Life Wizards don't really have great attacks at level 71-73, only forest lord, but I'm glad I do have friends to help me when I have trouble questing. I'm not done with my post though, I kept questing and Ian ported in and started helping me which is great! I made it to Drum Jungle and I had to fight life gorillas... Fighting the same school is never easy unless you have converts or even better, help from a great friend! Thank you guys so much for helping me with all of my quests and I know for sure that I'll get to level 90. I'm very excited and I can't wait to make that post where I'm actually level 90 and I can tell you all that I made with, no... that we made it!

A Boss in Drum Jungle attacking with me Helephant!
Ian: He'll need a bandaid. Me: Squash that Bug Gnome!
I leveled up to level 73! :D
A picture with Ian!

Where's Captain Blood's Lair?

Howdy Pirates,

Its been a few days since I last blogged because I was questing ahead on my Swashbuckler and taking pictures for future posts. I usually quest a day before or even on the same day and then make my Edward Cringle posts but this time I didn't. I'm not going to stop making posts though, I decided to only include the dialog and then possibly tomorrow including the quest itself where I have to battle a bunch of enemies since this would have been a very long post with a lot of pictures! If you haven't read my last post, you should before you start reading this one! To refresh your memory, on my last quest I had to talk to Don Rodrigo to tell him that we defeated Santa Rana, we didn't really defeat him though. I found out that Don Rodrigo is EL TORO (music plays). I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize this earlier. Kidding! I actually knew since I quested through Cool Ranch on my Witchdoctor. :D We had to defeat Santa Rana again and made it through. I stopped at the part where he was finally going to discuss Captain Blood's Lair with me.

Being a Hero for nothing?! Just kidding. Its good to be a hero and you should expect nothing in return. I just can't believe he doesn't know anything though. RIP to your father and I'll go talk to the Bison to learn more information. WAIT A MINUTE. The Bison? I thought we had trouble with them a few posts back? This isn't going to be good... I don't know if I should include that part in my post or not... Okay maybe not since this is a small update. I promise posts will be back the way they were soon! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you reading next time. Oh... I better tell you this before I forget. I added a new thing on my site where you could tell me how my posts are. If you scroll down, above the comments you'll see Reactions. You can judge what you think of the post so I know how I'm doing on my posts and see what I can improve. If you click on terrible that's okay, I'll just improve my posts and that's what I'm aiming for if I do need to. Please vote what you think of my posts if you can! Thanks again. :D

August 23, 2013

Why so many Hoards on Wizard101? Send a few to Pirate101!

Hi there,

I've been thinking about this for the past... well few months.. Please don't take this the wrong way when I say this but... KINGSISLE, PLEASE RELEASE A HOARD FOR PIRATE101! I'm not trying to be rude or anything I just really think Pirate101 needs a few packs. I'm happy that they've added quite a few crown shop items and of course the new henchmen that we get to control on Pirate101 but I really want to see a new hoard for Pirate101. I already forgot some of the names of the hoards on Wizard101 which means they already have way too many. I was hoping the next hoard released would be for Pirate101 since we only have one hoard and Pirate101 has been out 10 months already. Wizard101 has received nearly 30 hoards in the past two years which is a crazy amount of hoards! I know we'll get hoards on the game but its sad when Wizard101 gets another when its only been a month, to me it feels like a week. This is starting to remind me of the world thing lol.. Calm down with the hoards! I love every piece of equipment, pets, mounts and even spells in the hoards but I think when one is released so close together it gets confusing unless its on Pirate101 since we only have one hoard to keep track of. :D I know the Pirate101 team is creative and I can't wait to see the next hoard, I just hope its soon and not after Wizard101 gets another 50,000 hoards. This has been a short rant post by Edward Lifegem. :{D I guess since I made a post about the hoards, I'll send you a link to the recent hoard. Click on the image above to look at the new hoard, well the new new hoard since one was released not long ago. :P Enjoy and I'm hoping to see one on Pirate101 soon....

August 22, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm: Henchmen!

Ahoy Pirates,

Pirate101 announced that they are releasing henchmen to help pirates with their battles. We'll need to test all of the great new henchmen before its released to the live realm by downloading and logging onto the Pirate101 Test Realm. I'm very glad to hear that Kingsisle is releasing henchmen on Pirate101 also. I think this will help a lot when all of yer companions are defeated and yer the last one left worried if ye'll be defeated or not. Looks like we won't have to worry about something like that happening to us once the Henchmen are released to the live realm. I quested on the Test Realm a bit to test out some of the new new henchmen, here's a few pictures and more information about the Henchmen.

Level 65 Witchdoctor Girl Henchmen

The henchmen range from levels 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65. There's girl and boy henchmen to pick from. The first step to buy henchmen is to click on the Crowns Shop Icon. Then you'll see a new Icon (see image below) and you'll have to click on that to buy a henchmen. Henchmen can only be bought during battle so you can't buy them any other time. I spent 750 crowns on my henchmen above but she's a witchdoctor and she can help with huge fights in Marleybone and Aquila when I get there. There's no level limit on buying a henchmen so that means you can buy whatever level henchmen you feel like buying. Edward Cringle leveled through and defeated Santa Rana again to test out the henchmen and it went by fast! I also found out Don Rodrigo is El Toro a second time, along with leveling to 22 a second time and defeating Santa a third time! :P If you have no idea what I'm talking about: El Toro Unmasked. Okay back to the henchmen! I think its a great idea KI added the henchmen to the crowns shop, they'll help a lot and I know this from experience from Wizard101. The only different thing is that you get to pick the attacks you want your henchmen to attack and attack the enemies you want to attack. I think this a great! If you'd like to learn more about the henchmen and a few more updates of the Test Realm, click on the image below!

August 21, 2013

Petnome Pirates is now an Official Pirate101 Fansite!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today I'm guessing, Petnome Pirates made it to the official Pirate101 Fansite list! They deserved this and I'm really glad they made it to the list. What does this mean? Well ye'll get to view all of the Pirate101 pets Pirate101 is selling, great Pirate101 pet farming events, and hopefully soon (if Pirate101 releases advanced pets) a site that provides more information about advanced pets. :D Thank you One Eyed Jack for adding Petnome Pirates to the official fansite list, I told Autumn Walker from Secrets of the Spiral at Petnome's farming event that I knew they'd make it to the fansite list this month and if not next month and we both knew they would.. Looks like I was right! :D Click on the image on the upper right corner to check out the awesome new Pirate101 Fansite, Petnome Pirates!

Questing in Azteca

Hello Wizards!

I know I told you I wouldn't blog about my character Edward Storgem until I made it halfway through Azteca but I really wanted to give all of you an update on my storm wizard and Melissa Rainstrider, my sister's ice wizard. We leveled through a few areas of Azteca and really haven't had too much problem so far and its going pretty fast leveling through since I can use tempest on all of the enemies and my sister usually uses snow angel if its just random enemies and Mammoth for one main boss. I don't think its too difficult and can't wait to level through again. We can't level anymore much now since she had to go back to school but I'm hoping on the weekends when she's not busy we can level again. Here's a few pictures of we powerful wizards questing through Azteca. :P

I cast Leviathan on Belloq, the first one... not the tough one!

Sirens. Gotta love that spell!
Fighting another boss in Mangrove Marsh!

My sister made it to level 83 while questing which is awesome. I made it to level 83 on the last post before her since I started doing side quests. Sometimes side quests help a lot and that's why I always try to find them and complete them on all of my wizards. Anyways.. I'll make a post sometime later.. right now I really don't know the next time we're going to level but she ran out of crowns and can't buy another area so we'll have to continue questing probably closer to Christmas. 

August 20, 2013

El Toro Unmasked!

Howdy Pirates,

I've been doing pretty good in Cool Ranch, I'm not too far in Cool Ranch but I'm doing pretty good at level well you'll know what level I am at the end of this post. :P I'm happy that Cool Ranch isn't too difficult. I know that I'll be questing here in Cool Ranch for awhile unless I make a bunch of posts since Cool Ranch is the longest world but I'm prepared and I'm ready to blog. :D On my last post, Santa Rana, I had to go to Castillo Sapo to defeat Santa Rana since he was doing something bad to the towns people of Santo Pollo. I found out Santa Rana was working with the Armada which makes it even worse and I had to defeat him since he was. Before I could defeat Santa Rana he got away but today I had to talk to Don Rodrigo about the great news that we kinda defeated him.

Looks like its time to defeat Santa Rana... again! Before we do fight Santa again.. I was wondering how Don Rodrigo knew that I defeated him before. I was thinking that maybe pirates have cell phones and he got the news early before I could deliver the letter of good news to him. LOL. Well you'll have see when we ask him after we defeat Santa again. :P


I didn't take any pictures of the battle since I'm sure you already knew I would have problem defeating Santa Rana again but... Did you ever think Don Rodrigo was El Toro. I guess Don Rodrigo was hidden behind the mask all along. I couldn't believe I was the one that got to unmask him and of all pirates the first pirate to unmask him. I wonder what he has to say about this? He's kept his secret this long and I was the first unmask him (well maybe the millionth pirate to unmask him)! 

Well.. I guess I can start calling him El Toro... maybe not out loud or everyone will find out exactly who he is and I'm sure he doesn't want this since he's kept this secret for this long! I can't wait until the next post to finally ask El Toro about Captain Blood's secret lair. I leveled to level 22 in this post and so far every blog post I've made.. I've leveled! Lets hope I level to 23 in the next post. I'll see ya next time pirates!