August 25, 2013

200th Post (Edward Cringle)

Howdy Pirates!

I really wanted to name today's post 200th post. This post is my 200th post this year, yes I usually post a lot and I try to post everyday. I think I've posted every single week on my blog this year even during times I couldn't blog at all. I'm glad I've made this many posts this year and I will have plenty of other posts. I make these posts for you! All of you are special to me, this counts wizards too. Thank you for being the awesome readers I know you are and I hope to continue to read my blog and stay with me on many more adventures on both games. Now.. It's time to talk about Edward Cringle. :D On my last post I only made a small update of what was happening since I had a lot of pictures I took and didn't want to post all of the pictures on one post. I also talk to Don Rodrigo/El Toro and asked him if he knew anything about Captain Blood's Lair. He told me only his father knew and that his father died. He told me that a Bison called, Eagle Caller. I have to talk to him to find out the location of Tonka since he may know something about Captain Blood's Lair.

Time to find Tonga.. but first... :D

I'm bought a new ship! :D Time to sail in style. :D
NO. Time to battle a few ships so I can get on that.. fancy Canoe. I mean terrible!
I had to defeat four Darkmoor Ships so I could get on the Silver Stallion 
I had to put out fires since the boss was immune to all of our attacks!
After we put the fires out it was time to defeat his fish minions.
After I defeated the minions he was there. He doesn't look well!

I guess that's it, I told you I had a lot of pictures! Image what the post would look like if I included the pictures from yesterday! I'm trying to figure out a way to make my posts a little better without including all of the pictures but I see a lot of you are reading my posts so that should be a good sign that I'm not doing bad and I shouldn't change anything. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this random but very long post! :D Stay safe in the skyways!

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