August 2, 2013

August 2013 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

Welcome to another month of Pirate101's Newsletter. I like posting part of the newsletter on here so everyone can see the rest of the great updates on the newsletter and I will continue doing this every single month. :) The newsletter is a great source of information on events that happened last month and some that will happen this month. Last month Kingsisle brought a lot of awesome things to the crowns shop such as Class Housing, Gifting, Furniture Sets, Housing teleporters and much more! Kingsisle also brought Ryan's Yum-n-ade to Pirate101. Last month was such a great month for Pirate101 and I'm sure it'll be the same way this month. :D

Rogue's Gallery: Bonnie Anne

I'm not going to blog too much about the Pirate101 Newsletter from now on, I'd rather you see the newsletter yourself! There's a lot of great information on the Newsletter such as Fansite News and Hints from One Eyed Jack. Click on Bonnie Anne (above) to read more of this month's Newsletter!

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