August 4, 2013

??? !!!

Howdy Pirates!

On yesterday's post I went to Santa Pollo (aka Santo Pollo) and asked Professor Diaz about El Toro, a masked hero. He told me didn't know much about him and sent me to Friar Cluck. Friar told me how great of a hero is and told me I needed to talk to Don Rodrigo since Don has helped El Toro. I ran over to Don Rodrigo's house and he said: El Toro, El Toro, El Toro! :P He also sent me to Estella Castillo for what I'm guessing is work?

Estella wanted me to look inside the Church to make sure no more Banditoads were inside since they destroyed the Church before. No worries, you don't need El Toro with this one. Leave it to the professionals? I mean... Of course! I'll try!

I can't believe these Banditoads! If I was there the Church wouldn't have been destroyed. Looks like its time to go tell Friar Cluck that there are no more Banditoads and about the huge T!

What's this?! It looks like we're going to get back to the action again! I've been waiting so long, I wish I could celebrate. Well I'm not going to celebrate since there's already something else to celebrate about. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONE EYED JACK/ TOM PURDUE! You're the best community manager/ twizard/ twirate/ community leader/ friend ever! I hope you had a great Birthday. Its probably strange I included this on this post but I wanted to make it a surprise. If you're reading this post, know that you're a very cool guy and the community appreciates you :) x gives Virtual Birthday cake x 

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