August 2, 2013

Captain Blood (Pt. 2)

Howdy Pirates,

Yesterday I talked to Merriweather Clark about Captain Blood, the pirate that stole the piece of Marco Pollo's map. I had to talk to Sheriff Cogburn to find out more about Captain Blood and hopefully he'll tell me about his secret hideout.

Lol I don't know why but when he called me a whippersnapper I had to laugh! Thank you sheriff for all of yer help? Looks like its time to go to Wild Bill. I'm hoping he has a lot more information!

I'm hoping after today I won't have to do so much talking?! I'm glad I found out more about Captain Blood though: his picture, Death didn't take him but he still died, he stole all of the gold Marco Pollo brought back from El Dorado- hidden here in Cool Ranch and found out El Toro might know where his secret lair is since he defeated him in a battle. That's a lot of great information to find out in one day right? :D Its time to find El Toro, but first I have to talk to Professor Diaz in Santo Pollo (at first I almost type Santa- LOL). We'll do that tomorrow. I'm hoping I get to defeat enemies again.. Talking takes a lot out of you? Okay maybe not but ye know. Its strange only posting pictures of information! I'll see ye tomorrow pirates.

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