August 7, 2013

Edward Cringle is now level 20!

Howdy Pirates!

Its been a few days since I last made a blog post. I've been trying to get gold to buy a ship for the battles for the Banditoad Ships since they have a stronger and bigger ship. I was worried that I wouldn't make it through 5 Ships without being defeated so I sailed to the Bison Village in The Big Sky so I could buy a new and way better ship than I have now. To my surprise I was completely wrong on the level I thought I could buy this ship. I thought I could buy this ship at level 18, but when I got there it said I had to be level 20 to own the ship..

Sailing to the Big Sky, I was excited since I thought I'd have a new ship soon
Hurrah! I made it here safely, now to buy my ship? :D
Oh, its for level 20 Pirates. NOOOOOOOOOO!

After my nervous breakdown (Just kidding), I decided to try it out with the ship I have now. I made my way back to the Santo Pollo Skyway to sink the Banditoad Ships so I could collect the bags of Sugar for Hector Varga (part of the quest to help everyone around in Santo Pollo). I believe I can sink the Banditoad Ships since I have a nice history of defeating a lot of Armada Soldiers and monsters.

I'm kidding, I nearly died each fight or was almost pulled into deck battle.
That does not look good

I can't lie, sometimes its hard to defeat things on your own and if you have friends that can help you should ask them. You should only ask them nicely though and not beg. I didn't ask for help but I was complaining a bit on Twitter (yes I complain if I almost die in ship battle, or any battle) about the Ship battles and how bad they were going. Next thing I know Clever Cole Crow told me he could help me if I wanted and of course I said yes since I was having a lot of trouble! There's no problem accepting help if someone asks if you need help. :) He helped me defeat the last ship I was trying to collect sugar from.

Clever Cole getting ready to help me defeat Banditoad Ships!
That was pretty easy with Clever Cole, thank you so much!
A picture with Clever Cole Collins! :D
Turning my quest in. Didn't get experience.. yet!
I didn't get to take a picture, but after I clicked done, I leveled to 20!!
That was a lot of fun. I can't believe I leveled to 20 on this post. I promise next time I'll take a picture when I level (30,40,50,60...). Thank you Cole for your help, I wouldn't have had a chance to make this post today if you wouldn't have offered to help. You rock and you're a pretty cool pirate. :D Thanks everyone for reading and special shout out to Cole, follow him on Twitter here: @CleverColeCrow .

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