August 3, 2013

Don Rodrigo!

Howdy Pirates,

On my last Edward Cringle blog post I had to find out more information about Captain Blood, I found out a little bit of information but I still didn't find out where his secret lair is. I need to find his lair so I can find Marco Pollo's map. Desmond Argleston gave me papers that would allow me to have access to Santo Pollo skway to talk to Professor Diaz and give him a letter Argleston sent with me.

Puppet Show! - sorry no pictures! :P

During the puppet show Friar Cluck told me more about El Toro and how he was the best masked hero ever! You gotta love El Toro (you probably know who El Toro is if you're a higher level, I'm just going to act like I don't). :D Anyways... Friar said he's worried El Toro will meet his final match soon. Lets hope that doesn't happen. Time to go talk to Don Rodrigo to see if he knows anymore information about El Toro!

Since I have so many pictures I'm going to save talking to Estella for tomorrow. Is it just me or did Don Rodrigo say El Toro about 1000 times while talking to him? Hmm... Okay, well see ya'll around the Spiral and thank you so much for reading! :) Oh... I forgot something. If you haven't heard I'm having a new huge epic raffle and I'd love if ya'll entered. I'm giving away so many great prizes that KI gave me to giveaway and I'd love if ye would enter it. Click on this: Arrrgust Raffle, for more information.

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