August 15, 2013

Dworgyn's Mistake (Spoilers)

Hello Wizards,

A few hours ago we all found out that Dworgyn made a mistake and gave us information about an upcoming quest/area/gardening thing? Well... We have to agree we all made mistakes right? So don't worry Dworgyn, know that everyone makes mistakes.. This mistake though... is.. EPIC! I was very excited to learn more information about the cave by Nightshade's Tower. This post may not include a lot of spoilers like what exactly is behind that gate but I do believe Dworgyn told us a lot of things. Here's a few pictures I have taken since this mistake was announced..

A few people crowding by the gate trying to get in (not an active quest)

As I said above in the picture this quest is not active but I believe later it will be. I believe Kingsisle is going to remove it before too many people find out but when bloggers find out a lot more people find out. :D I have to tell everyone since I am a blogger and I blog about news and spoilers when released.. I believe the next update to do with this has to do with gardening plus another new area in Wizard City. Call me crazy but it seems like it would be crazy just to add a gardener back in that cave after many years of everyone wondering what exactly is behind that gate. I believe its a huge area and we'll get to quest through there. What makes me think that? Well the quest gives experience and the other quests with the gardeners didn't give quests... Why would they start now, why not in the beginning? Well.. There's a lot of questions to be asked but I'm not going to say much until Kingsisle releases it. I can't wait to see what they have planned for us. Wizard101 has announced they'll have more on this soon. So watch their social networks and website. Here's a few interesting pictures of dialog from the game.

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