August 30, 2013

Edward Hawkins Update

Ahoy Pirates!

Remember when I created a new Musketeer about two months ago named Edward Hawkins? Well recently I've been leveling him with Autumn Walker's musketeer. :D Its been a lot of fun leveling with Autumn. You probably won't believe this but a few days ago Autumn and I was online for 8-9 HOURS during the day. I took a break for about an 45 minutes of it but that's a crazy amount of time and I haven't spent that much time online since 2011 on Wizard101. I had a great time leveling though and we're getting far in a short amount of time! I haven't leveled Captain Edward Hawkins for about a month and a half after I created him but we just started a couple of weeks ago and got to level 8. In the last few days we went from level 8 to level 17 (almost level 18) and we're now in Cool Ranch! Here's a few quest pictures. :{D

Alexander Lionheart.... we've joined the Armada!! 
Autumn, here's the glitch I wanted to show you! LOL
Sailing to Cool Ranch on Autumn's ship!

We're doing great so far and can't wait until we're level 65. I have a feeling that we will be level 65 soon! We're questing in Cool Ranch and I'm already remembering some Edward Cringle posts I've made LOL. Talking about Edward Cringle... I'm planning on making a new post tomorrow so make sure to look for it.. I know, random! :P That's how I am. :D Okay, thanks for reading and I promise I'll make another update post once we've quested a bit.. I might make another one once we enter Mooshu!

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