August 25, 2013

Edward Lifegem finishes Zafaria!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I posted about my life wizard finally making it to a different area in Zafaria.. Well.. I'm not longer in Zafaria! I made it to Avalon but I'm not going to tell everyone reading exactly where I am in Avalon. Thanks to Autumn Dreamwalker and Ian Stormstaff I leveled nearly four levels in a matter of two days. I think this is crazy but I'm very happy I'm finally progressing on my character since its been a year since I really leveled through areas. I know I said I wasn't going to make anymore updates but I decided to make update posts each time I finish a world. You should expect two more, Avalon and Azteca. Okay... its time for..... PICTURES of the last dungeon of Zafaria! :D

Fighting the main bosses of Mirror Lake with Autumn
That looks painful!
Talk to the Paw!
Forest Lord is angry today! Everyday! :D
Autumn casting Sandstorm. :D
Forest Lord again... This time he killed all of the spiders with a critical. :P
Picture with Autumns after we finished the dungeon :{D

Thank you so much Autumn for helping me with this dungeon and thank you both, Autumn and Ian, for helping me get this far. I can't believe I'm questing like I did a long time ago, but I do miss Pirate101 and its time to stop questing so much and go on Pirate101 during the weekdays. No worries though, I'm still going to make Wizard101 posts, just not as much as I have lately. Thanks for reading everyone. Wish me luck on my questing throughout Avalon!

Edward Lifegem beginning to quest through Avalon

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ThatFrostweaver said...

At least you can quest with Ian now.