August 9, 2013

Edward Lifegem quests through Mount Olympus

Hello Wizards!

Its been awhile since I last blogged about my character Edward Lifegem. Recently I leveled through newly released Aquila, Mount Olympus. This is a level 30+ dungeon but seems like it should be a level 50+ dungeon.. Hey maybe I'm wrong but it wasn't that bad questing through the dungeon. I took a few great pictures to share with ya'll and I had fun questing through the dungeon. I think I received a wand from one of the boss fights but it went to my bank and well I was way too lazy to even go search for it! Before I carry on... Here's a few questing pictures! :D

This is one epic spell/ hit!
A centaur casting a moon hit.
This eagle really plans to attack me with their storm spells? :P
That doesn't look good! Sorry Edward Lifegem....
Zeus, one of my favorite spells/attacks on the game!

I didn't really include the quest itself on this post because I wanted to show you all of the pictures of the great attacks KI added and just a few great pictures I liked. I think Aquila is pretty cool. I had a chance to try it out on the test realm and really enjoyed it. I didn't get to finish the last dungeon because I died during the Cerberus fight. I guess I have plenty of time to practice or go in friends during the live realm though. I might try out the next dungeon with my life character.. I don't really know though. I might go in with friends just in case. I'd hate to die and try to get back in and not be able to like the last dungeon on the test realm. :P I know I made a post over this a month ago but I'd like to say Kingsisle did a great job on Aquila! Good job Kingsisle and keep up the great work. I can't wait until the next major world update. :D

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