August 24, 2013

Edward Lifegem starts questing again!

Hello Wizards,

Its been awhile since I quested on my life characters. Too long.. I really wanted to start questing again though since my blog is based off of my life character (Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem). I know Pirates read my blog also but I can't change my blog name to anything else since this was my first great blog name. I do love Pirate101 but it'll remain this way forever, and I do base most of my new posts off of my 2nd character on Pirate101, Edward Cringle, so that's what pirates get. :D Okay back to my life character's questing... I decided to do bet myself I'll get to level 90 before the end of September on Twitter since I was feeling bad I wasn't leveling him at all. I've been doing great with the help of good friends, Autumn Dreamwalker and Ian Stormstaff. So far I leveled two levels and I just bet myself last night! I was level 71 when I started and now I'm level 73 and still planning to level a bit tonight. I think I'm doing great and I'll make it to level 90 soon! If you tell me life is weak, well you're completely WRONG! You need life to live on your other wizards so don't even tell me that. :P You know me and pictures d I do have a few pictures I wanted to post of my questing this morning that I decided to take to show you how I was doing during questing with my friends. I did quest alone and did a bunch of side quests I missed in recent worlds. I'm in Zafaria now but I believe I'll be out of this world soon.

Side Questing in Wintertusk
BAM! Back on the main questline  (Dungeon) with the help of Autumn! :)
Autumn using her Sabertooth on the first boss!
Picture with Autumn after we finished the dungeon!

I finished an area and a dungeon that I would have been stuck on until 2020 if Autumn didn't help. I thank her so much for helping me through these areas! I know Life Wizards don't really have great attacks at level 71-73, only forest lord, but I'm glad I do have friends to help me when I have trouble questing. I'm not done with my post though, I kept questing and Ian ported in and started helping me which is great! I made it to Drum Jungle and I had to fight life gorillas... Fighting the same school is never easy unless you have converts or even better, help from a great friend! Thank you guys so much for helping me with all of my quests and I know for sure that I'll get to level 90. I'm very excited and I can't wait to make that post where I'm actually level 90 and I can tell you all that I made with, no... that we made it!

A Boss in Drum Jungle attacking with me Helephant!
Ian: He'll need a bandaid. Me: Squash that Bug Gnome!
I leveled up to level 73! :D
A picture with Ian!

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