August 13, 2013

Edward Stormgem and Melissa finish Avalon!

Hello Wizards,

I know I told you I wouldn't make another post about Edward Stormgem until I was in Azteca but I decided to since this was a huge moment. I've been in Avalon on my storm wizard over a year now, the same with my sister and her ice wizard Melissa Rainstrider. We really haven't had time to level over the past year until recently. It's pretty fun leveling with her on Wizard101 again and we're doing great for only two wizards. I'm hoping Azteca won't be too hard, but I have that bad feeling it'll be difficult. I know we'll get through this world though since ice and storm are tough schools. :D So before I ramble on I have a few pictures of my sister and I completing Avalon and making it to Azteca. Enjoy!

The White Dragon (last boss of Avalon) using Snow Angel!
Melissa using Mammoth on the White Dragon!
I bought a minion and he kept hitting the Black Dragon (2nd Final Boss)
Epic! Reminds me so much of Kan Po :D 

I bought a level 90 life minion to help us with the last bosses of Avalon and it went great. We finished with full health which is great. I was very happy since we didn't die once and hit them without any trouble. With Ghost Avalon (the dungeon before this one), we died a few times while fighting Morganthe. We had to flee and run back which was crazy. I was worried the first 20 minutes while fighting Morganthe but we made it through and finished with nearly full health. I believe we're ready for Azteca. :D

Knights at the Round Table

I didn't take any pictures of questing to Azteca or anything but I did take a photo at Azteca right when we both arrived there. I'm happy we made it there and didn't have too much trouble. The real challenge begins now since I don't have anymore crowns to spend on minions (the rest are for the contest/raffle). I believe we won't do too bad during the beginning of Azteca since its not too hard for ice and storm. Wish us luck on our adventures through Azteca! I'll make another blog update post when we're halfway through to show all of you where we are and how we're doing. See y'all around the Spiral!

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