August 7, 2013

Edward Stormgem

Hello Wizards!

Have you wondered what I've been up to on Wizard101? Well I've done a lot more than you think! I've quested on my life wizard  through Aquila (post will be made soon) and recently I've quested on my storm wizard. I haven't been questing alone though. I've quested with my sister and her ice wizard, Melissa Rainstrider. Its been awhile since she's been on the game and she's actually planning on playing Pirate101 but at the moment I'm trying to figure out a way to get her a membership for both games! Back to Wizard101 though.. Currently we're questing through the end of Avalon and its going good so far and she hasn't died... I have... but you know that can happen to storm wizards since they are strong and all and don't have much health :P

Throughout leveling, we went from level 78 to 80! Its been over a year since I last quested on my storm wizard and she's been on Wizard101/ questing on her ice wizard. I told her about the Producer's letter and she's very excited about that and she's ready to level through Avalon and Azteca to get ready for it. I'm also ready for the next world but to show it, I must quest through the world Azteca- very difficult world- but I know we'll make it through. Wish us luck on our many adventures through Wizard101, I'll probably make another post sometime in the future when we're in Azteca just to give you an update. Thanks for reading. :D

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